Can you use body butter as a facial moisturizer?

Well that depends.

Most of our butters contain coconut oil — an ingredient we LOVE because of its hyper absorbency. Not only does coconut oil penetrate deeply into the skin it also has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing strands from the inside out. This sets it apart from other oils that sit on top of skin and hair.

Unfortunately, coconut oil is also highly comedogenic, meaning it has a high likelihood of clogging pores.

Now if you read through our reviews, you will find dozens of customers who use our butters as a nightly facial moisturizer with no issue. If your face is not sensitive to coconut oil a little dab of whipped butter at night will actually REDUCE acne and heal scars (due in large part to the healing properties of shea and mango butter.) However if your face has a sensitivity to coconut oil, the butters will make your acne situation worse, not better.

So what’s an enthusiastic customer to do? If you want to use our butters as a facial moisturizer just do a patch test. Lightly apply a small amount to an acne prone area of your face and assess. If your skin is clearing up, then you are good to go. If you notice pimples forming, sadly you might have to skip on using the butters as a facial moisturizer. (Remember you can skip out on our whipped butters and apply our raw shea butter to your face at night to get the same benefits without the coconut oil.)

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