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Last month made two years since my “big chop” (the day I cut all my hair off.) I’ve done three big chops in my adulthood but this one was probably the most difficult. My hair was uneven and thinning out due to a combination of stress and a horrible salon experience (my curls were fried by an over-zealous stylist!) I really needed a fresh start.

Me in May 2019… big-chop mirror selfie…

Since May 2019 I have used my own products to grow my hair out. The only non-BGLH Marketplace products I use on my hair are water-based conditioners. My products do everything else (my favorite for hair is Olive Oil Whipped Cocoa, but honestly I’ve used every butter at some point and they all work beautifully!) The BGLH Marketplace black soap cleanses my scalp (no itching, flaking or dandruff!) as well as my strands.

Me in May 2020. One year of hair growth under my belt!

The butters oil my scalp and help me achieve a variety of styles — wash and go’s (I can get lasting definition without the use of gel!), braids, twists and twist outs. They’re not sticky like commercial hair products and they don’t leave a residue. They strengthen my hair, keep my edges strong and give me a nice shine!

My fro last month, May 2021. Two years of growth…

I’m so grateful to have my products on this journey. And I’m not the only one! If you haven’t already, check out this post featuring customers who use our products for hair growth and styling.

And for our customers with straight hair, you can use our butters too! Try them as a hair mask before a condition/wash to increase manageability, strength and shine.

Picture of Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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