We’ve onboarded quite a few new customers in the past year (hey guys! ????????) who might not be familiar with how heat affects shea, cocoa and mango butter.

So first off, you have a choice at checkout between insulated shipping (with melting protection) or non-insulated shipping (without melting protection.) For temperatures consistently over 75 degrees we recommend insulated shipping. But what happens if you don’t use it? This happens…


So what happened?

Has the butter evaporated? No.

Have you received less product? No, the weight of product is the same.

However the air we whipped into it has escaped.

Our whipped butters start as a dense butter/oil mix. Each batch is whipped for an extended period of time to gradually lift the mixture, stiffen it and fluff it. Like this;

When your butter melts, that air we whipped into it is lost and it goes back to the butter/oil mix.

So here’s the good news. The butter/oil mix is still fragrant, absorbent and a wonderful product for moisturizing! This review was recently left on our Candy Blended Butter;

“I purchased the Candy Blended Butter and I absolutely love it! However, when I received it, it was melted. But I don’t blame the company, I didn’t realize I could have paid extra for cold packaging. When I received the body butter it was liquid and foamy. I put it in the fridge to solidify… I use it every day and I just love how my skin feels, it smells amazing too! The next time I order I will make sure to order the larger container as well as the cold packaging.”

So what’s the lesson here?

a. If your butter melts it won’t look fluffy and high, but it will still be a fragrant, absorbent and effective product.

b. If temperatures where you live are consistently above 75 degrees and you don’t want your butter to melt, select insulated shipping.

c. Melted or not, our butters are the bomb. ????????

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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