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Last month BET released a mini-documentary (click here to watch) exploring how, despite transitioning to natural hair, some women are still spending up to $20,000 a year on hair products and treatments. CNBC released a similar mini-doc (click here to watch), profiling black women who spend up to $8,000 a year on their hair.

I wish this surprised me. It doesn’t. Many beauty companies catering to natural women have watered down formulas that are only marginally effective. They make outrageous claims (how many times has it been hinted that a product would give you Tracee Ellis Ross hair 😂) then charge a ridiculous price for a small amount of product.

BGLH Marketplace is designed to be the opposite of that. Our butters have ZERO filler ingredients — just premium butter and oil — which makes them incredibly powerful moisturizers. A little goes a very very long way, saving you money. 56% of BGLH Marketplace customers report their products last a minimum 3 months. (If you were to buy our LARGEST size every 3 months you would only spend $180 a year!)  

While other brands rely on catch phrases and gimmicks our reviews speak for themselves. 

Here’s one we got just today from a customer named Hope;

“I have purchased your body butters for 2 years and they are amazing! Our daughter is adopted so I am learning so much about skin and hair.  I’ve tried lots of different products (some homemade and some commercial) on our daughter’s sensitive skin. NOTHING has worked as well as your products.  Her skin is COMPLETELY smooth – not one mark of eczema or any skin irritation.  And I use it in her hair when I do braids or twists and when I take it out it is very soft and not knotted at all.” 

We’re not here for the money grab. We want to be here for years to come, providing deeply powerful moisture for your hair and skin. 

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