Introducing Our New York Container Return Program!

For years customers have asked us whether we had a program in place for returning BGLH Marketplace containers. For those who incorporate our butters into their beauty routine, the empties definitely pile up over time and many of you correctly noted this isn’t great for the environment.

We finally have a program in place to receive your used containers!

If you return one empty container (of any size) to our Brooklyn storefront you get 5% off your order OR one free 0.9 oz butter.

If you return two empty containers (of any size) to our Brooklyn storefront you get 10% off your order OR two free 0.9 oz butters.

If you return  five or more empty containers (of any size) to our Brooklyn storefront you get 15% off your order OR one free 2.5 oz butter.

A few rules/guidelines:

1. This currently only applies to in-store returns. We are working towards expanding to a mail-in program, hopefully some time next year. When we launch the mail-in program we will cover the cost of shipping.

2. The discount only applies to purchases made SAME DAY, IN STORE. You cannot return containers one day, then come back a week later and redeem the discount. We recommend planning your returns/shopping for the same time.

3. If you are visiting from out of town you are very welcome to participate! Just bring your empty containers and we will issue your in-store discount.

4. Containers cannot be cracked or broken in any way and must include the lid.

5. We do have some environmentally committed customers who have mailed packages to us on their own dime. We think this is a wonderful thing and you are welcome to do this! (To be clear, we will not be refunding shipping or offering discounts for mail-in containers at this time.)

If you want to mail your empties back, send them to:

BGLH Marketplace

358 Kosciuszko St

Brooklyn NY 11221

And if you plan to come by this week to return your containers our hours are

Tuesday from noon to 5 pm

Thursday from noon to 5 pm

Friday from noon to 5 pm

Saturday from noon to 6 pm

Thank you for being wonderful customers and challenging us to be the best indie beauty company we can be!

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