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Melted Orders: Why It Happens and What You Can Do to Prevent It

As we head into late July, temperatures are really heating up and unfortunately we’ve received increased reports of melted BGLH Marketplace orders. So we wanted to give you some information about our insulated shipping process and what you can do to ensure your products arrive in tact.

In the early spring through summer we package all of our butters in insulated mailers with cold packs. Once they are packaged we place them in a deep freezer for 24 to 30 hours before delivering them to the post office. We need to give the mailers and the cold packs time to freeze so they can keep the products chilled during transit. This is why your tracking number does not automatically update after you receive it. (If we are dealing with a heavy backlog of orders, as we were over the July 4 holiday, this process takes even longer as we freeze packages by date ordered before sending them out, which delays the process by a few days.)

Once mailed out, we estimate that all packages will arrive within 3 days (international packages take longer, but are going to cooler destinations so there is less concern.) The mailers and cold packs are fully capable of keeping your butters from melting in that time frame. Some of you might find when you open the package that it is cool inside, but the cold pack isn’t frozen. That is because it thaws during transit.

While the insulated mailers and cold packs can get your products to your doorstep in good condition, they simply cannot keep packages left in a mailbox or the hot sun for hours at a chilled temperature. While about 95% of what we ship out arrives in tact, the complaints we receive about melting almost always occur when an individual has collected a package at the end of the day after it had been sitting in the sun or an outside mailbox for hours.

So what can you do to prevent melting?

1. Watch your tracking number closely. Arrange to have your package collected by a neighbor, family member or friend as soon as it is deposited in your mailbox.

2. Have your package delivered to your workplace. Quite a few of our customers do this to ensure they can collect their package as soon as it is delivered. Furthermore, most workplaces have inside mail collection, so that packages are sitting in an air conditioned building after being delivered.

3. Have your package shipped to a neighbor, family member or friend who is at home during the day.

4. Have your package shipped to a PO box within an air conditioned mailing facility.

We will be including these tips on our shipping page, and sending them out to new customers ordering for the first time. Please email if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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Christie Logrono
Christie Logrono
4 years ago


My products arrived melted. What should I do?

Many thanks,

Black Girl With Long Hair

Hello Christie,

I am very sorry about this! Please email

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