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11 Beautiful and Realistic Wigs for All Textures of Natural Hair

Wigs offer styling versatility that few hair tools can. Whether you fall into the category of being too chicken to cut off all your hair to rock a tapered bob, or you’re just looking for a way to protective style with full access to your hair and scalp at any time, wigs are perfect!

The topic of wigs gravely offends some. For that, I sincerely apologize. But for the rest of you ladies out there who want a beautiful style that screams “big hair, don’t care!” with having to do little more than the action of putting on a hat, please read on…

Beshe Drew Wig Original

You’ve heard me harp on about my love of this short curly wig, despite my long tresses, and this year I’ve decided to buy the updated version, and well, it’s as beautiful as ever!

curly wig beshe drew cassandre beccai

Why I like it: This wig has an incredible tapered shape that is uber chic, but the best part is that it’s undeniably affordable (averaging at about $30 per unit). The tight curls give the illusion of a 3c variety type of curl, for a look that is nubian inspired and the 1″ inch lace perimeter on the front lends to a home grown look.

Tip: Try not to touch the curls in the back until you’re ready to spend on another wig otherwise your risk matting.

See the wig in action here.

FreeTress Equal Afro Wig

Love a free flowing, bohemian inspired afro-look? Then this wig worn below on Crystal Michelle  is certainly for you!

curly wig Freetress Equal Synthetic Wig Afro Crystal Michelle

Why I like it: Do you see how incredibly natural this looks? It’s the perfect dupe for type four hair sans the detangling after the wear! This wig comes in a variety of colors at the low price of  $20.

Tip: Pull the coils apart for a fluffy less defined look. Remember, pulling the coils apart may minimize the life span of the wig.

View this wig here.

The Big Chop Wig 

This short, half wig is the realest and definitely a must have for naturals who crave a perpetual short, tapered look. Style on Kay Glamazon below.

curly wig TonI Daley Big Chop Wig Kay Glamazon

Why I like it: This wig is super versatile and can be used to fit the look for a variety of styles. Also, what’s not to love of about this true to life 4b texture?

Tip: Because this is a half wig that is around 10″ long, it’s best if your hair isn’t much longer  so that it can blend effortlessly with its length.

See the wig in action here.

It’s A Wig Africa 

Craving a fairy tale length look with an overwhelming amount of curls? It’a A Wig Africa half wig as shown on Nadia4Now is what you’re looking for.

curly wig It's A Wig AFRICA half wig Nadia4Now

Why I like it: The length sets this wig apart from the others and so does the fact that it’s actually a half wig, which can lend to a significantly more realistic look.

Tip: Consider rod setting an 1.5″ of your hair up front to blend with the curls. I also suggest pulling the curls apart and reshaping to create the most realistic look possible.

See this wig in action here.

Model Model Jamaican Twist Lace Front Wig

This 14″ wig as seen on @KoriLondon, gives you the option of a perfect, perpetual twist out. Colors are limited to darkest black to natural black.

Model Model Jamaican Twist Kori London

Why I like it: I will never tire of twist outs, but let’s face it, keeping one unfrizzed in rainy Seattle weather is way hard. This wig will always leave you unbothered by inclement hair weather.

Tip: Use your favorite foundation to color in the part for a more natural look.

See the wig on video here.

Beshe Lady Lace Wig

Curls upon curls upon curls! Jessica Pettway shows us there’s nothing not to love about this shoulder length wig!

curly wig Beshe Lady Lace Wig Jessica Pettway

Why I like it: The big curls are far from the actual look of my tight coils, but they sure are beautiful!

Tip: Don’t be shy about pulling the curls apart and shaping to your liking. Just take your time so you don’t make a change that you can’t undo.

See the wig in action here.

Vivica Fox Woopi Wig

Perm rodded curls on natural hair is a beautiful style choice for any special occasion. Check out my take on this lovely semi synthetic blend that Mona B. is rocking.

curly wig Vivica Fox Woopi Wig Mona B.

Why I like it: I’ve created this look on my natural hair before and it’s absolutely gorgeous but it does take a bit of patience to do. Why not get the look in minutes via this wig? This wig also stretches nicely for all head sizes.

Tip: If you prefer the less than perfect spiral curl look, consider pulling apart a few curls.

See the wig in action here.

Isis Red Carpet Synthentic Natural Kinky

This Isis wig will resonate with ladies who adore the braid out, day #2 look. Full and fashion forward, Honestly Kia only does this unit nothing, but justice.

curly wig Isis Red Carpet Synthentic Natural Kinky Honestly Kia

Why I like it: The soft fibers and the lace front give this unit the most realistic look. Plus, no need for super flat braids underneath!

Tip: Pull out your baby hairs to amp up the natural factor.

See the wig here.

Isis Red Carpet Super Teyana Wig

With a vibrant color and round, curly ringlets, what’s not to like about this Isis brand wig. Check out DivaSideOfAMUA in the dark brown roots with golden blond tips.

curly wig ISIS Red Carpet Collection Super Teyana Wig DivaSideOfAMUA

Why I like it: The luscious curls on this unit are to die for! It also comes in various colors in ombre looks, great for ladies who gravitate towards color.

Tip: Consider tweezing the part and dabbing some concealer to mimic a true part.

See this wig in action here.

Sensationnel Lace Front Wig Tatiana 

Don’t be fooled by the marley hair’esque look of this wig right out the pack, it will wow with just a few tweaks! Seen styled below on TwinGoddesses.
curly wig Sensationnel Tatiana Twin Goddesses
Why I like it: This wig is super affordable! With a few tweaks you can take it from that just out the pack marley hair look, to a full blown type 4 fro, or a neat, shiny bantu knot out.
Tip: For a more authentic look, separate the hair.
See this wig styled here.
 Beshe Drew II Wig
I would not be doing you any justice if I didn’t share this gorgeous number with you! This short curly wig is everything. Seen on BeautyCutRight.
 curly wig Beshe Drew II BeautyCutRight
Why I like it: The shape of this wig will give life to any curl loving gal!
Tip: Taper and cut for an even edgier shape.
See the wig here.
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6 years ago

Beshe ll wig if I ever wore a wig.

A.P. Millz-CT
A.P. Millz-CT
6 years ago

I will never for the life of me understand why these beautiful loves to wear others people hair on their heads.. Smdh! Doesn’t it feel like a helmet?? Don’t you like your man to run his fingers through your hair?? Ugh..

Women always like to shout, “I’m independent” Well, then grow your own damn hair..

6 years ago
Reply to  A.P. Millz-CT

All these wigs are synthetic fibers sewn onto thin breathable lace caps, FYI. Not every person wants a man running his fingers thru their hair, shiddd even without my lacefront I don’t need someone messing with my twistout. Stop tryna cut other naturals down.

Maria W
Maria W
5 years ago
Reply to  A.P. Millz-CT

Wow your comment just showed how incredably fustrated you are with your own life. I do not wear wigs but how does it affect me that other women do? It dosnt!! Grow up and try tofind the reasons why youare so unhappy and fustrated with your life and fixthem. Only then will you not get sooooooooo incredibly workex up and soo pissed of with what women do to there hair!!!! Hehehe i bet so much you are forever single !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago
Reply to  A.P. Millz-CT

What does a women’s independence have to do with whether or not they choose to wear wigs? That is one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard this year, and considering Trump is currently president and Pence is currently VP, that’s saying A LOT.

6 years ago

All 3bish textures. I would love to see a real 4c wig. Even the ones that claim to be are not, they are 4as and so frustrating.

4 years ago

Thank you for this post – I have literally spent the last 2 days searching for textured natural hair look wigs. I figured I would try a synthetic before committing to the human hair version. This post was just in time – thanks again

4 years ago

I will add Outre’s half wig ‘Renee!’ I get COMPLIMENTS EVERY SINGLE DAY I WEAR THE WIG. It also gets mistaken as my real hair. Love it!!! Put mousse on it, run your fingers through, and werrrk!!

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