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6 of the Best Styles for Long or Short 4B/4C Natural Hair — 2015 Edition

Back in 2013, we featured 4 Styles for Long or Short 4B/4C Natural Hair.  The article was a big hit with our readers, so we are bringing you a 2015 edition.  Natural hairstyles have become more creative and diversified in the past two years, especially for us type 4B/4C ladies.

1.  Multiple Goddess Flat Twists

Forget about your usual goddess flat twist.  This tutorial features several flat twists for a more updated look.  It can be achieved on hair that has been stretched or previously flat ironed.

Inez Moore

Description: Multiple flat twists into a modern goddess flat twist.
Tools required: Clip

2. Bantu Flat Out

For those who struggle with the traditional bantu knot out, definitely check out this video tutorial for an alternative.  You’ll want to start this process on hair that has been stretched via a blow out or African threading.

Jessica Pettway

Description: Hair is set via small, tight pin curls to achieve the look of a bantu knot out.
Products used: Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste
Tools required: Clips, wide-tooth comb, bobby pin, rattail comb

3. Sponge-Rolled Curly ‘Fro

Using sponge rollers to roll your hair in a rope-like fashion, you can achieve this curly afro.  The style is perfect for obtaining fun, big hair for a day or two.


Description: Hair is rolled in a rope-like fashion to achieve a big, curly afro.
Products used: Rosewater, Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Cholesterol Treatment
Tools required: Sponge rollers

4. Easy Twisted Updo

This twisted updo is super elegant and easy to create on long 4B/4C natural hair.  You can wear this style to a formal event, work, or a party.


Description: Three flat twists in the back and jumbo twists in the front to form an updo.
Tools required: Hair tie, bobby pin

5. Bantu Knot Out on TWA

If you have a TWA, the bantu knot out is a great way to spice up your afro.  (It is also much easier to achieve on this length of hair than on longer tresses.)

Cynthykay Obi

Description: Bantu knot out on TWA using the finger coiling method and a few other tricks.
Products used: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Cantu Twist & Lock Gel, Coconut Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Tools required: Thin-tooth comb, hair ties

6. Curly Mohawk

This is a super cute, edgy style for short 4B/4C natural hair. It is best to start on hair that has been stretched via a blowout or African threading.

Sophia Reed

Description: Hair is sectioned and ends are set on perm rods for a curly Mohawk.
Products used: Coconut oil, water, gel
Tools required: Comb (for parting), black hair ties, perm rods

For my 4B/4C ladies, which style(s) will you try?

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Jamie Ambrose
6 years ago

People just aren’t looking hard enough. I dont have 4c hair but I’m subscribed to at least 10 youtubers with that hair type.

6 years ago

I find this argument that natural hair is under represented in the media laughable. I cannot turn on the television and see a commercial with a black woman that has a relaxer. I think relaxers and weaves are under represented honestly, unless it’s a rap video. I actually sat and counted the black women in commercials and overwhelmingly most of them had natural hair. I think natural hair is a lot more mainstream than people give credit. Fashion designers and corporations have caught on and hire black women that have a natural aesthetic, it’s up to the rest of black… Read more »

6 years ago

yasss these styles are beautiful! and geraldine’s hair is WOWWWWWW :O. What’s her instagram? i need to follow her. This is another bantu knot tutorial i came across recently that worked on my hair.

6 years ago

and this braidout too. i love how she used the double rods at the ends. I would have never thought of doing that. Its funny how we have all these amazing 4c youtubers yet nobody shares their stuff on facebook or instagram .and then we’ll complain that there aren’t enough 4c youtubers…

6 years ago


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