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2 Ways to Take Down Faux Locs Quickly and Without Breakage

Faux locs are not only beautiful, but they’re a great way to protect your natural hair, while still sporting a natural look. The installation of faux locs can take up to 8 hours, but did you know that it’s taking some people hours just to take those bad boys down? It’s true. I’ve heard a few women complain about the take down process of faux locs.

This puzzled me because I thought that faux locs would be the easiest protective style to take down. After doing some digging, I discovered that it is quite easy to take them down. You just have to do it properly and not fight with your hair. Unlike twists or braids, faux locs are wrapped around your hair, so you wouldn’t take them down the same way you would other protective styles. Thankfully, there are quite a few naturalistas who’ve mastered the process. Check out these super easy tutorials on how you can undo your faux do.

Moisture-Friendly Removal

Natural hair YouTuber, MElifestyle taking down her faux locs.
Natural hair YouTuber, MElifestyle taking down her faux locs.

MELifestyle has an excellent tutorial on how to remove your locs. She stresses the importance of keeping your hair moisturized throughout the process so that your natural hair doesn’t get tangled and matted. She snipped the very end of her locs and began to unravel her hair from the marley braiding hair that she used to create them. After she removes each loc, she drenches each section of her hair in conditioner. Even though she’s making sure her hair stays moist, she mentioned that her hair was moisturized before she installed the locs. It literally took her 15 seconds to remove one loc. Looks fuss free to me!

Tools: Hair shears, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner, Spray bottle, water, Olive oil.

Cut and Unravel

Donedo removes her faux locs by pulling and unraveling.
Donedo removes her faux locs by pulling and unraveling.

Just when you think things can’t be any clearer, natural hair YouTuber, Donedo, proves you wrong. After cutting the very end of her loc, she pulled on each piece of added hair in the loc and unraveled. Her technique took a bit longer than MELifestyle’s, but she got the job done. Even though she didn’t detangle during taking her locs down, she didn’t have any issues. She detangled and moisturized her hair before installing them.

Tools : Hair shears.

It seems to me that the condition of your hair before you have your locs installed, will have a lot to do with how easy or difficult it will be to remove them. These lovely ladies were sure to moisturize their hair thoroughly before they had the locs put in. This act alone locked in that moisture and kept their hair hydrated even while wearing the very drying braiding hair.

Have you had any difficulty removing your faux locs?



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The London Curls
7 years ago

I found using ACV helped me remove my faux locs and build up with ease… check out my video to see how https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO3baBLrReo

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