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True Life: I’m a Fan Of Mineral Oil On My Natural Hair

• Apr 4, 2015

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Before I became a bonafide natural (my definition for a natural who subscribes to a completely natural, wholistic way of living) my regular stash of hair products included the likes of Nexxus Humectress, Luster’s Pink Lotion mixed in with a little Dax and/or some Indian brand oil — all laden with mineral oil. For the record, my hair thrived. I consistently got super shiny locks that stayed moisturized for a few days until my next application.

Fast forward to January 2015. A couple of months of heavy duty flat ironing left my ends trashed so I cut off about 6 inches and there began my return to the basics. I started exploring the use of mineral oil in my regimen to keep my hair moisturized for longer periods of time.

Most of our beef with mineral oil is because it is derived from crude oil (it’s 100% natural and is composed of ancient organic matter and hydrocarbons) which is associated with all kinds of ‘unnatural’ industries. Cosmetic grade mineral oil though is not the same as the organic, crude oil that comes from the earth. It is refined by boiling and vaporization to achieve maximum purity.

Mineral oil doesn’t contain a lot of the goodies that other organic oils do, but it creates an intense barrier on whatever material it is applied to, making it perfect as a sealing agent. While other oils penetrate the hair shaft, mineral oil doesn’t and lasts longer on the hair as a moisture sealer and repellant. Also, it’s not a heavy oil so it doesn’t weigh hair down.

I’ve found the best way to incorporate mineral oil is in combination with some of my other favorite oils. This way I get the nourishing benefits of those oils in combination with the sealing properties of mineral oil. Below is a recipe I’ve been using since the start of the new year to gain shiny, long lasting moisturized hair.

You’ll need:
2 tbs baby oil
2 tbs now brand jojoba oil
2 tbs now brand castor oil
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil

Mix these oils into a cup with a spout and then pour it into a bottle of your choice (you can find two ounce product containers at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and many pharmacies that sell travel sized bottles).

Check out the video below for more details:


Would you try to incorporate mineral oil in your natural hair regimen? How does mineral oil effect your hair?

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Tennitra L Scott

Did not know that about baby oil. Thank you for info. Do you use on scalp?


Be careful. Mineral oil contains an ingredient called pristane which has been linked to lupus. Black women use more mineral oil laced products than any other demographic and we’re also most likely to suffer from lupus.


I’ve never made that connection before, but since I’ve been reading labels I noticed that many products that are “specially for us” are just full of mineral oil. I don’t use mineral oil in my hair but I’ve been loving it in cold cream for my face. After reading about the potential connection at, I’m going to look for a new cleanser.


I don’t think there are good and bad ingredients. Just different things work for different people.


Those twists are a killer.


Speaking solely for myself and my 4b coils: Nothing but NOTHING repels humidity like mineral-oil based pomades. If I were crazy enough to do a press-and-curl in the summertime the only way it would last longer than a day would be if I applied some good old-fashioned grease. It worked back in the day and it still works today…The only rules for natural hair care are those that work for YOU and YOUR hair.

African Naturalistas Products
African Naturalistas Products

Mineral Oil causes me to break out in acne

I would never buy it from a beauty store or as a product labeled for natural hair. I also generally avoid products designed for black women or natural hair coz I don’t trust them. I just buy regular products from brands marketed to all types of hair and they work just fine. You can get ‘food grade’ mineral oil from the pharmacy section of most stores. It’s in the laxative section as in it’s pure enough to drink and is labelled as such. This is what I got when I was experimenting with it for my hair. People use vaseline… Read more »

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