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4 Oils and Butters That Are Essential to My Waist Length 4C Hair Regimen

• Apr 12, 2015

We’re back with another compilation piece! Last week four BGLH writers shared how they went from TWA to back length. Now we’re talking about oils and butters! Over the next two weeks our writers will share how they incorporate oils and butters into their regimen. Be sure to read our first post from Geniece. Second up is Chinwe


In my seven years of being natural (wow, time flies), I’ve tried numerous oils and a few butters. Given my hair type, texture, and porosity as well as my length retention goals, I’ve found the following ingredients to be best for me.

Avocado oil

This oil is the newest addition for me, having only been a staple for a year or so. I love its penetration ability, non-greasy feel and lack of scent. I use avocado oil on my face at night and on the ends of my hair when needed. It works well for reviving my hair’s shine and pliability. It is also an essential ingredient in my shea butter mixture for extra moisture retention.

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil has been a part of my regimen for a few years now. I primarily use it as a component in my shea butter mixture (see recipe below) for extra sealing. Sometimes, I’ll also apply the oil to my ends during the summer (e.g., when I wash-n-go) if I don’t need a heavy product.


Unrefined Shea butter

Now this all-natural ingredient has been with me since the beginning of my natural hair journey. My hair cannot thrive without it! I find that shea butter works best for me when mixed with oils. (Otherwise, it is essentially ineffective.) I use it to seal my hair after a good wash and deep condition. Though my shea butter mixture has changed over the years, it has remained basic in that it’s just largely butter and oils. The following is my current mix:

4 oz shea butter

1 oz coconut oil

1 oz avocado oil

0.5 oz olive oil

0.5 oz grapeseed oil

1 tsp castor oil

Extra virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is another staple that has been apart of my regimen since the early days. It is not only a component of my shea butter mixture but is also important on its own for detangling and pre-pooing. I typically apply it throughout my hair prior to washing and let it set for a few hours or overnight (preferably). Then I finger separate my hair, create 4–8 big twists, and go about my wash routine.


While I know this ingredient is a given for most (if not, all naturals), I just had to include it. You see, if my hair is dry, no amount of oil or butter can revive it. None. My hair needs water for that initial hydration, and the softer the water, the better.


Ladies, how do you use oils and butters in your regimen?

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7 years ago

Your hair is beautiful! I’m putting all of these items on my beauty haul wishlist!

4 years ago

I am having issues with my natural hair. It breaks. Sometimes it just uproots from the root. I really don’t know what to do. Right now, I am using a mixture of castor oil, coconut oil and egg to condition my hair. Yet to see results.

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