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4 Hot DIY Natural Hair Cuts for Spring

• Mar 24, 2015

Do you want to create your own fierce hair cut for the Spring?  If so, here are four DIY styles:

1. Bangs

Ambrosia Malbrough

Bangs are a good option if you are bored with your current long length but aren’t brave enough to cut your entire hair.   Keep in mind that they are not the easiest to cut on natural hair, but this tutorial by Ambrosia is really helpful for those who want to brave it on their own.  The key is to cut and shape your bangs on in stages AND on wet hair.  However, if you are not much of a do-it-yourselfer, you can go to a stylist whom you trust.

2. Shape and Layers (on curly hair)

Nik Scott

Layers are another option for a natural hair cut this Spring.  Nik demonstrates one of the best DIY methods I’ve seen out there in the following tutorial.  Again, you want to start on shrunken hair IF that is how to you plan to wear your layers.  This is because many naturals have a mix of curl patterns and shrinkage rates on one scalp.

3. Layers (on high-shrinkage hair)

Osa Osula

An exception to number #2 is 4B/4C hair.  Because of the huge shrinkage rate, hair in this range should ideally be cut when stretched IF you want to achieve layers or do a shape up.  Cutting your hair while shrunken can result in too much being cut off AND an imperfect shape.  Check out Osa’s tutorial below for guidance.

4. Tapered Cut


Finally, there is the tapered cut, which is a pretty hot trend right now.  Below, Nichole shows how she achieved her cute cut on her own.  Watch the tutorial for the demonstration, or head to a stylist/barber whom you trust.  Also, for plenty more tapered cut styles, check out Ijeoma’s 25 Tapered Fro Inspirations for Naturals of Every Length and Texture.

What natural hair cut will you try this Spring?

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7 years ago

I want to try #3 for spring. We have similar length and I have a 3b-4a texture.

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