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I Tried a DIY Caramel Moisture Treatment on My Type 4 Natural Hair

Every once in a while I like to change up my hair routine by integrating a new DIY treatment. Changing things up has in the past helped me find new ways to enhance my hair’s moisture retention or it’s manageability.

Sometimes I make terrible mistakes, like the time I used coconut cream and castor oil in my henna treatment or left the cherry lola treatment in my hair for way to long. Both mishaps set me back, but through it all, I’ve learned it’s best to follow the instructions of thousands of naturalistas who paved the path before me and to always try again!

This week I decided to amp up the moisture in my hair by doing the famous caramel treatment. According to my own personal research, this DIY treatment was inspired by two brands who created a similar mix that produced incredibly moisturizing results so I decided to try it out myself!

caramel treatment diy

I used a measuring cup and gathered my ingredients into a small pot on low heat. I found that placing the olive oil first prevented any of the other ingredients from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Some recipes call for adding a natural thickener such as guar gum to the mix, but because I felt it only benefitted the application process versus the end result, I didn’t bother getting it.

ingredients in pot

The mixture then turned into this lovely brown color (pictured above). For some strange reason, I found a few pieces of crystalized sugar in the mix (pictured below). I’m not sure why exactly that happened, but I just spooned it out and everything was all good.

cystalized sugar

When it seemed the ingredients had become a homogenous mixture it was time to take it out. I used enough products to create a 12oz mix. It looked like way more than I would need for my hair.

12 oz of caramel treatment product

The oil and other ingredients separated quickly so in application, I just twirled my fingers around in the mix and applied to my hair over the sink (to keep my bathroom as neat and clean as possible).

treatment in hair

I ended up using about 8 oz of product to saturate every single strand of hair. I left the treatment in for over an hour, uncovered in bantu knots (pictured above) before I rinsed it out with my conditioner. The left over product was placed in my refrigerator and used on my daughter a few days later.

Final Thoughts:

This treatment is definitely one I would do again because it gave my hair a very moisturized feeling. The ingredients are not hard to come by and it was easy to rinse out. Next time, I might cut the measurements in half since as I didn’t need that much product. While the product can be saved for later use, I don’t imagine I would care to do this treatment more than once or twice a month.

See this video below for the DIY in action.

Have you incorporated the caramel treatment into your hair regimen?




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7 years ago

I’ve done this, but I put it in a blender instead of a sauce pan. I want to do it again. I do like that you used pureed baby food though. =)

Hair Anomaly
Hair Anomaly
7 years ago

I have never even heard of this. I am so uninformed.

For some reason, after seeing the list of ingredients, all I could think about was getting attacked by a swarm of bees.

5 years ago

How many mL is the baby banana jar?

4 years ago

i used riped bananas, harder to wash out but worked great!

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