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5 Benefits of Oatmeal for Natural Hair + How I Use It as an Intense Moisturizer

natural hair oatmeal rinse

I’m not usually the type to jump on the “strange and unusual” techniques and treatments bandwagon, but when I heard about the benefits of oatmeal rinses a few years back, my interest was piqued.

Oatmeal is great internally and some of you might even be familiar with the use of oatmeal for skin, but can oatmeal really have a positive effect on our hair? The short answer is yes! Oatmeal on your hair can provide a whole host of EXCELLENT benefits which I outline in this post here.

1. Oatmeal is extremely moisturizing because it contains hair-loving B-vitamins, which act like as humectants (a substance that draws water in from the atmosphere). It does all this while penetrating the cortex of your hair (this is a good thing).

2. Oatmeal can help fix damaged hair. It contributes to thickening/strengthening hair for the same reason as above — it’s chock full of vitamin B which penetrates the deepest layers of our hair.
It works to make your hair less brittle and more elastic. This is a plus for curly and kinky hair types since our hair tends to be more prone to mechanical and manipulation damage.

3. It makes your hair feel silky and soft. Ooo la la- who doesn’t like silk? Oatmeal contains beta glucan, a polysaccharide. Polysaccharides add a nice slip to hair and act as an emollient (softening). What’s great is that the silky softness stays put until you wash it out with shampoo which leads me to the next reason why I heart oatmeal for hair…

4. Oatmeal is also an excellent film former which is great especially for afro-textured, curly kinky hair. I know some are really apprehensive about anything that forms film on the hair shaft (read silicones) but film can be an excellent thing as it seals in moisture and provides a barrier from the harsh elements of the cold cold world (yeah I said “cold” twice).

The film also works to reduce hair on hair violence — okay okay — I definitely mean tangled hair (which results from hair snagging each other hair). Besides, the film only lasts till your next wash unlike some really hard to rinse substances.

5. Oatmeal helps your hair to shine. Well, for afro-textured hair types oatmeal will help your hair to have sheen (cuz you know that shine only happens with hair that has an even surface- like straight hair). Sheen is what happens when curly kinky hair has shine. Imagine hair that just glistens like a diamond all because you fed it some good ol’ hearty oatmeal??

To gain some of those amazing benefits you can use a rinse after you’ve cleansed your hair. It’s not a hard process and the materials are affordable and easy to come by.  Check out the video and see below for the ingredients and process to get that healthier, shinier, more moisturized mane you’ve been wanting!

Materials and Ingredients Needed:

A water pitcher with 2 quarts of warm water

oatmeal rinse pitcher of water

4 tbs Colloidal oatmeal

walgreens colloidal oatmeal

Hand blender



Add 1 tbs of colloidal oatmeal at a time to warm water while using the hand blender to mix it in very well. Warm water is best because it allows the oatmeal to dissolve easier. Use the mix after you’ve washed and conditioned you hair. I like to use this after I’ve oil rinsed to further hold in moisture. You can modify this recipe by adding 5% glycerin (around 1oz) for maximum moisture retention and 2% of your favorite oil.

One thing you really want to be aware of is getting those colloidal oatmeal bits fully dissolved before using it as a rinse because you don’t want any of it getting visibly stuck in your hair. I’ve learned the hard way about dissolving stuff in water really well.

Ladies, have you tried oatmeal as a moisturizer? Would you?

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7 years ago

Can’t wait to try this! I am currently trying to use more homemade products in my hair care regimen so this would be a great addition to it. I just had a question, instead of doing a separate rinse with the oatmeal, is it possible to just add it to a conditioner mix (blending it really well) and then rinse it out?

7 years ago

I think I will tie some regular (low quality and too nasty to eat) oatmeal I have in a cheesecloth, boil it like tea, and do a rinse. Can’t wait to try

7 years ago

Actually, using oatmeal make my hair dry. Dont why. I have to mix it in a more complex formula, to cut down the dryness. My recipe is: 50 ml of oatmeal milk, 50 ml of aloe vera juice, 12 ml of coconut milk, 10 ml castor oil, 10 ml olive oil, 10 ml coconut oil, 1 ml silk protein, 1 ml ceramides, 1 tbsp irish mosh powder, 1 tbps xanthan gum, half tbsp guar gum cationic. Just heat the oatmeal milk with the aloe juice, and add the gum. until they dissolve. the add slowly the oils mixing very well.… Read more »


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