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6 Benefits of Scalp Exfoliation for Natural Hair Growth + 2 Exfoliation Recipes

• Nov 2, 2014

imageNaturally, when one thinks of exfoliating they think of scrubbing down their entire body with an amazing body scrub. However, exfoliating isn’t just for your body and a lot of times it’s forgotten that your scalp is skin too! With naturals using less shampoo and more conditioner to cleanse their scalps during the winter months, buildup can be a big problem.

If you exfoliate your skin to remove dirt, oil and other buildup from your pores, then the same needs to be done for your scalp. Not only will you remove buildup, but you will also help stimulate hair growth by giving your scalp a good scrubbing.

Why You Should Try It

1. Removes dead skin cells.
2. Can treat acne, white heads and other blemishes that can occur on the scalp
3. Can help prevent hair loss.
4. Unclogs pores by removing build up.
5. Can relieve irritated and itchy scalps caused by different scalp conditions.
6. Promotes hair growth by stimulating the scalp.

There are hair care products that cater to scalp exfoliation. Kiehls has a great Deep Micro Exfoliating Scalp Treatment. According to their website, the product was dermatologist-tested to help loosen flaky buildup and stimulate healthy turnover on the surface of the scalp. Users of the product have said that the treatment leaves their scalp feeling fresh and clean. Quidad also has a Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair and Scalp Treatment. Free of parabens and sulfates, Quidad’s scalp exfoliant helps clear the scalp of buildup and improves the condition of the scalp by providing much needed nutrients.

If you’re interested in going the homemade and natural route, there are a plethora of scalp exfoliating recipes that you can try at home. The recipes below are just as effective, but may be a little easier on your wallet. Most of the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen cabinets.

Brown Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub

1. ¼ Cup of Olive Oil
2. ¼ Cup of Brown Sugar

Mix these ingredients in a bowl and massage the mixture into your scalp. After a few minutes, proceed to rinse and wash your hair as usual. Because of the olive oil, this recipe is great for people with dry scalps.

Cornmeal and Peppermint Scrub

1. ¼ Cup of Clarifying Shampoo
2. ¼ Cup of Cornmeal
3. Peppermint Oil
4. Tea Tree Oil

Simply mix the shampoo and cornmeal in a bowl and add a few drops of peppermint and tea tree oil. Stir well and Rub the mixture into your scalp for a few minutes. After rinsing, proceed to condition your hair as usual. This recipe is great because it includes peppermint oil which helps to stimulate blood flow to your scalp. The tea tree oil in this recipe will help to reduce dandruff.

There are plenty of recipes and exfoliating hair products for every scalp and hair type. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s scalp is unique and you should take the time and research the right exfoliant for your scalp’s needs. An exfoliant should never irritate your scalp or be painful. If it is, discontinue using it and find something a little gentler.

Natural hair YouTuber, LeiLei08 has a helpful tutorial on one of the ways that you can exfoliate your scalp. She used a homemade sea salt and almond oil recipe to do the job. Take a look at her tutorial below.

Do you exfoliate your scalp?

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The One

2. Can treat acne, white heads and other blemishes that can occur on the scalp
3. Can help prevent hair loss.

How exactly does exfoliating do #2 and #3?


Exfoliating your scalp has the same benefits as exfoliating your face. You’re cleansing your scalp of dead skin cells, dirt and product buildup which helps to reduce the chance of acne and other blemishes. Also when you exfoliate, it’s stimulating your blood which in turn feeds your follicles, so that your hair can grow and help with balding spots.

If you think about how your scalp is pretty much the same skin as that of your face, and how when you exfoliate your face properly, it tends to reduce blemishes caused by clogged pores (whiteheads, black heads, pimples); as clogged pores come from dead skin cells, too much oil on the surface of skin, debris, dirt, makeup, and pretty much anything that constitutes as buildup. On the scalp, clogged pores/buildup is more likely to come from product residue, sweat, and shed skin. Clogged pores can mean clogged folicles. Clogged folicles can suffocate growing hair and lead to a (sometimes… Read more »

You do pose some good questions. Maybe for #2, it more prevents them from happening (since your pores are unclogged and clean) vs treat them.


I would love to try it with the sugar, but the cornmeal seams like it would take years to get all of the little grains out of my hair with all this hair :-/


Exfoliation helps remove dead skin, oil, and other buildup that can clog pores. People exfoliate other parts of their bodies, like the face, to help with these conditions as well. The blow flow that results from massaging the scalp during exfoliation may help with hair growth.

Christina Patrice

I’ve always been curious about scalp exfoliating, but I’m concerned about the rinse process. I don’t want little granules of sugar in my hair — has anyone tried a scalp scrub? It sounds heavenly though.

Claudette UK

That’s what I was wondering about. Is washing sugar out of your hair as tiresome as washing out sand?


My thoughts exactly! Fear of perpetual sugar sprinkles raining out of my head for days has prevented me from trying any of the scalp scrub recipes I’ve come across even though I fantasize about the itchy scalp relief it would provide for my seborrheic dermatitis… I haz concerns.


I did it just this morning. Afterwards my scalp felt much better (i.e not dry or flaky). The brown sugar completely rinsed out. I just felt around in my hair before deciding to respond just in case I hadn’t noticed the granules due to be in rush to get to work. I haven’t felt one spec.

I love that I also got the benefit of oil rinsing. My hair feels so soft right now.


I use to love co Washing when my hair was shorter. Now, I don’t because its hair so rinse out all of the conditioner and I easily get product build up. I will definitely be trying exfoliating


What about Jane’s Carter Solution Scalp Renew? Can we please support each other, dang


Can’t wait to exfoliate my scalp again. 🙂

Hmm, this is very interesting. I do get a flaky scalp within days and I assumed it was product build up but I don’t think it is since I don’t use anything on my scalp. I’ve recently switched to clay washes but I do put shampoo on my scalp to get it clean since shampoo dries out my hair. Since doing that I’ve noticed that my hair still flakes up but not as quickly. So I’m thinking this could be an alternative to the shampoo on my scalp. I’ve noticed my hair is starting to like more natural products when… Read more »

[…] hairbrush a good college try. The copper bristles are supposed to reduce buildup over usage time (which is great because less dandruff = more opportunity for your hair to grow longer and thicker) and in turn makes hair look more radiant, healthy and shiny (the good […]


[…] reading the article on BlackGirlLongHair here. It includes […]

KoriAndra RiosJesus

DO you need to wet your hair first??

Hi ladies i used to work at a hair clinic that specializes in scalp care…this is a basic deep scalp cleanse routine we would perform every 2–3 months for clients, especially those who wore wigs or head scarves to hide hair loss.. - rinse the scalp with water for 2–3 minutes, gently massage the scalp for the last minute of the rinse. -apply shampoo only and lightly scrub your scalp with pads of fingers then rinse. apply shampoo with your oil of choice and use a small brush (toothbrush at home) and exfoliate the mixture all over the scalp with… Read more »

This reminds me of when my grandmother would ‘scratch my head’ before she washed it. I like this form of exfoliation better…lol

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