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3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Length Retention At Night

• Aug 23, 2014

Cassandre Beccai

by Cassandre of (pictured above)

If you’re anything like half the naturals in the US, you’ve got some kind of a night time routine that may or may not consist of spraying on some glycerin mix, re-plaiting your hair and wrapping it up in the $3 polyes- urrr…I mean satin scarf you bought at your local beauty supply store.

There are countless ways to prep your natural hair for bed, but not all will yield the most length retention. Some routines can require too much manipulation and compromise the integrity of the oldest sections of your hair; your ends. Other routines are not involved enough, so dryness and breakage ensues.

Through trial and error, I’ve learned the best nighttime routine for my hair helps with both moisture and most of all length retention.  So without further ado, here are 3 nighttime routine tips that will get you to that length goal a little faster:

1. Spritz Don’t Touch

The idea here is to moisturize your hair without handling it too much. While this may not be the best choice for you if you want to keep a defined style for several days, I recommending spritzing afro-textured hair with a water, oil and glycerin mix right before bed. I know some people like to use hair milk every night and lay on strand by strand and I think that works well to keep your hair moisturized, but may contribute to more breakage than necessary. You can follow up with a spray oil if you’d like more help sealing it all in.

2. Pineapple Head

Rather than do plaits or twists every single night, I opt to pineapple my hair. Not only will you be able to retain defined styles such as twist outs, you will minimize manipulation, which typically equals less breakage at the ends.

3. Throw On A Scarf

I’m sure you’ve heard this one many times before and I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but for those who really don’t know- throw on that satin scarf or bonnet before you hit the pillow. If that’s too much, consider a satin pillowcase. You’ll find your hair does an overall better job at staying moisturized which is one of the biggest keys to growing out your hair.


What are some of your night time routine tips for retaining length?

Cassandre Beccai: Just another naturalista playing by my own rules!

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Just another naturalista playing by my own rules! Got hair that doesn't seem to grow past your shoulders? Check out my free Grow Your Hair Faster Video Course

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Was a bit disappointed as I was looking for something ‘new’ that I was either not doing or did not know, to embrace. So personally I learned nothing, however the article may help someone new to the blog.

I agree! I definitely found that not rebraiding or twisting every night was pivotal in my length retention. It was just too much manipulation. So now I do a modified pineapple :4 very loosely tied ponytails. One at my nape, one at the top and one on each side on my head. It keeps my twist out in the shape of down and out rather than just straight up like the original pineapple. And when I’m wearing a stretched style I only use a very small amount of water based leave in an spray with oil rather than my water/conditioner… Read more »

The pineapple method does not work for me at all. I if I pineapple then the next day I’m rocking a high ponytail that just how my hair is. I tend to rock a two strand halo crown after my twist out so I just mist my hair with water and place a scarf over it. And for when I’m stretching my twist out I chunky twist and separate in the morning so I spend as little time as possible in my hair

Napturally Kia

am i the only one that finds sleeping on a silk pillowcase does nothing for moisture retention? my hair is dry & matted when i get up. i invented in a 100% charmeuse silk pillowcase and i’m better off in a bonnet.


Since lazy is my second name, i’m doing number 3 lol the less i touch my hair, the more they seem to love it!


Personally I use a silk pillowcase and bonnet because I think they both serve a purpose.
Bonnet — slows down evaporation of moisture into the air which a pillowcase alone won’t do
Pillowcase — the back up when your bonnet ends up halfway across the room during your sleep


Meh :/ We really need the style icons back. But, patience, I understand we need to wait for them.

Sage Vanity

I like to use both a satin bonnet and satin pillowcase. Not only does it serve as a back-up for the nights I can’t find my bonnet, but it has the added bonus of helping me retain moisture in my skin. Rubbing my face on a cotton pillow through-out the night dries my skin out.


i like to part my hair in 2 halves, spritzing each section with water. then putting coconut oil in my hair, focusing on my ends. after that i just put each half into a loose bun and tie on a satin scarf. i find the less combing i do the more length i retain


I rebraid my hair everynight. My hair thrives as long as it is moisturized. I wash and deep condition on Saturday and co-wash on Monday and Wednesday. In between washes when I am rebraiding, I only finger detangle my hair. No comb. My go to styles braidout (with four cornrows going all the way to the back) and low bun. Braid out for 3 weeks and low bun for two weeks.….That’s my rotation. Works for me. Moisture, moisture,moisture!

This article was so-so. I wish one thing that would be touched on more is how wearing protective styles alone does not necessarily lead to length retention. I’ve been protective styling for my daughter and while she retained length, it’s been stuck at the same length for a year, with no measure change to her diet or stress level. What I found was that I wasn’t moisturizing her hair adequately at the roots (I only concentrated on the ends) with the proper moisturizers and that the shampoos and conditioners I used on her were too drying. Moisturizing the hair properly… Read more »

Kinda wished you added details like the parting of hair after spritzing and all that and what to be aware of

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