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3 Quick and Easy Marley Hair Bun Tutorials

• Jul 2, 2013


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

The scenario.  You can fit your natural hair into a small ponytail but you do not have enough hair to create a big bun.  What can you do but wait years to grow enough hair to achieve that style?  Well, don’t get frustrated just yet.  Check out these three tutorials on how to use to braid hair to achieve bigger styles in just minutes:

1. Chunky Twisted Bun with Braid Hair

Kim demonstrates how to create a big twisted bun in little time with extension hair.  This easy style is not only for those who desire a big twisted bun but for those who simply want the look of twist extensions without going through the long process or commitment of installing them.  Kim starts from a set of chunky twists done on her real hair.

2. Mini Twists Side Bun with Braid Hair 

In the above video tutorial, Tanish shows us how to achieve a fuller side bun on mini twists using Marley hair.  The styling process is very creative, doable, and hardly takes much time.  She starts from a set of mini twists done on her real hair.

3. Big Top Knot Bun with Braid Hair 

Brittany demonstrates how to achieve a simple, big top knot bun using Marley hair.  This style is the easiest to create of the three styles but still very cute.  She starts from a small bun done on her real hair.

Ladies, will you try any of these faux styles?

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Peeerfect timing. Going to be putting my hair in Havana Twists this weekend and need a few good default hair styles for work!


Can you post the tutorial for the bun in the first picture?

I am all for using false hair when necessary. Ive been natural just over a year and still figuring things out. (I didnt big chop). One of my best friends announced her wedding and i was the only black bridesmaid. People asked if I was going to relax (have done it 3 times ever and it wasnt for me) and some even suggested straightening but I didnt want to look back on pics and not recognise myself. Afro was out of the question (april showers in England) so I played around with a donut and £3.99 pack of hair and… Read more »

The bun is a great look for special events.


I love wearing my marley bun as an option when I need a change.


[…] have a longer ponytail, a bigger bun, or fuller updo … all temporary, of course.  Check out this post for style ideas involving Marley braid […]


[…] a longer ponytail, a bigger bun, or fuller updo … all temporary, of course.  Check out this post for style ideas involving Marley braid […]

Linda De La Cruz

I love the “Mini Twists Side Bun with Braid Hair”. Just put it on my list of To-Do styles 🙂



Tahara Campbell

I did a similar style like this on my channel but with marley hair. You guys should check it out 🙂


how many packs of hair must i use for the marley bun? please help me?

Kathy drake

Loving my Marley bun to the max!!!

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