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Sa Rah // Natural Hair Style Icon

• Jan 30, 2012

Introduce yourself!
My name is Sa Rah, I’m 21 and currently a student. I was born in France but I grow up between France and Geneva (Switzerland). My parents are from Algeria, North Africa. My hair attracts a lot of curiosity! People ask, “Where is she from? I’m Arabic! Algeria is a BEAUTIFUL country! There are so many different beauties because there are several ethnicities in the same space. The desert is exceptional! There are also the mountains, the beach…

What is the natural hair scene like in Algeria?
Because there are so many different ethnicities hair textures vary, maybe 50% “wavy hair” and 50% “straight hair”. In my family I’m the only one with frizzy, blonde hair. The last one to have hair like mine was my father’s grandma. In Algeria girls want to look like white people. When I was younger Algerian guys would call me “poodle” or “Bob Marley” in the street… It doesn’t help when you’re trying to stay natural.

And what about in France?
In France and in Switzerland Arabic girls are addicted to Babyliss flat irons and relaxed hair, lol. Women reject their texture, but I think that is changing.

Why did you go natural?
I rejected my hair a little when I was younger. I went natural 2 years ago because I realized that I love my hair. This is me, my personality, my heritage, my roots. Now when I walk down the street people are surprised. They say, “Is that really you hair ??” or “Can I touch ??!”

What’s your regimen?
I always use DOP for frizzy & dry hair: the shampoo, the after-shampoo and when I judge it’s necessary I do a mask. I comb my hair wet and then I wet again. I give it time for the curls to set and then I blow-dry lightly (3 or 4 times a week). Sometimes I use olive oil or argan oil. These are the most famous Arabic products. When I use a lot of products my hair it acts up…maybe because it’s so fine. And just a note: Girls, don’t change your shampoo every week because the pH is different in each shampoo.

Where do you buy your products?
In France I buy my products in a supermarket. When I spend my vacation in Algeria I buy products there. If I have friends who are going to Morocco they get me argan oil from there.

What would you like to see in Algeria in terms of haircare?
In France and Switzerland and even in Algeria I want to see more hairdressers for curly hair! And more models with frizzy and curly hair!

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?

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