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Wedding and Formal Natural Hair Styles by Felicia Leatherwood

• Aug 31, 2011

From Something about being a new bride and preparing for your special day can be a little nerve wracking! Everything can be set in place. But what do you do with your natural hair? There are many options. Natural styles can be created with just a simple twist or braid, or you can just “let your fro go!” 

Tips for your natural hair , so you will be prepared on your special day:

1) Be sure you deep condition you hair at least 3–4 days before your Special Day. That way your hairstyle will cooperate with you and your curls will have time to settle. Natural hairstyles usually look their best on the 3 & 4th day!

2) Make sure you’ve had time to explore and find the right style for your face shape, bridal dress and head dress (if you choose to wear one). You should take a photo to your hairstylist and have them try it on you before hand, so you won’t have any surprises the day of!

3) Make sure you pick a style that goes from day to evening time and a style that will fit with any thing you choose to wear.

4) Please be sure to drink plenty of water as soon as you start planning your wedding. That will ensure that your, hair, scalp & skin has proper moisture and will give your hair a nice silky shiny look for your special day.

Here are some natural brides sporting their natural fros and head dresses that will make you the center of attraction on your special day!

OMG I’m in HAIR HEAVEN! These photos are GORGEOUS! What are your thoughts ladies?
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10 years ago

Wonderful post! Amazing photos!

Masuka M.
10 years ago

Beautiful, so inspiring. Wish I had a wedding coming up. Lol.

10 years ago


mj labonte
mj labonte
10 years ago

So funny that today I check out BGLH and here is a post on wedding/formal hairstyles for naturals. Yaaaay! I started my research yesterday and couldn’t find much in one place. All the posts and tutorials are scattered all over the net & takes a little ‘digging’. I’m curious to see photos/ideas for new ideas other readers share here. I’ll definitely steal a few more from this post to try out but at the moment my #1 pick is MsVaughn’s up-do with Jamaican braiding hair ( and the several renditions) on youtube. I love that it could pass for one’s own… Read more »

10 years ago

Is that Rinny in the top photo? I love the photos each style is so elegant.

Adrienne Michelle
Adrienne Michelle
9 years ago

I love it!!!! Can’t wait to use them for a special occasion!
Thank you!


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