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6 Best Styles for Hiding Multiple Natural Hair Textures

• Aug 23, 2011

Multiple textures. It’s the bane of most naturals’ existence; you have loose hair on one side, curly hair on the other and kinky by the crown. Fortunately highly textured hair is extremely versatile, and there are many ways to camouflage multiple textures. Here are a few ideas

1. Buns

Pulling your hair up into a bun is one of the simplest ways to get a neat, uniform look. Try a cinnabun if you’re feeling fancy. Click here for a cinnabun tutorial.

2. Updos

Updos are a great professional and formal option and the variations are limitless! See more looks from Noddy here.

3. Blowouts

Blowouts aren’t just good for length checks, they’re a great as a stand-alone style or as a base for stretched styles. Just keep in mind that blowdrying takes precious moisture out of strands so be sure to re-moisturize. See more looks from Adaku here.

4. Defined Twist-Outs

Another option that works great on any length. Be sure to do the style on damp hair and seal with a heavy product to get more shine and definition. See more looks from Ebony here.

5. Rod and Straw Sets

Rod and straw sets are popular among transitioners dealing with multiple textures. As a plus they look great on all hair lengths. See more looks from Gabrielle here.

6. Curlformers

Curlformers are a highly popular option among naturals. Not only do they smooth and stretch the cuticle, they create an adorable curl. And they’re also great at any length.

What do you think of our list? And what’s your favorite style for hiding multiple textures?

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My different textures ARE the bane of my “hair existence.” I have very defined curls in the front, and no curl in the back. If I want to wash and go and don’t have a lot of time I tend to use a very curl defining product (such as Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk) so that the curls in the front really pop, and then finger curl the back. It tends to look very good.


Such great tips. I really like the updo with the braids and that video! So clever are these ladies!


Hi everyone. Thank you for thinking of me with this article, lol. I love my hair, but it’s been a struggle trying to figure out how to deal with my straight, curly, and what I called frizzy I’ve learned is actually kinky mane. If those curlformers work on even the straight parts of my hair, then I am forever indebted to BGLH.


Don’t know if our varied textures should be hidden lol. I kinda like the idea of multiple textures, although I appreciate that styling such can be a bit tricky.

Deneya Carter

My favorite hairstyle is the define twist out. I’m thinking about trying it out.


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In order to blend my different textures, I have to really fluff my hair after a twist/braid out. The left side of my hair is only slightly wavy, the right side has a pretty tight(3c/4a)curl. The back has a looser(3b/3c)curl, while the crown is a frizzy wavy pattern. They are very noticeable with my twa lol


The crown also has a few of those 4a’s sprinkled in. I wonder will my textures evolve as my hair gets longer as I often read ppl saying that the hair “changes” when it gets longer.


I have found that a mixture of braid outs/twist outs work best for my multiple textures. I start off braiding and then twist my ends on wet hair, leave it alone and voila, it looks cohesive lol


I have tried everything but the updo, and the straw sets or curlformers. To get the best curl I’ve ever had that also hides my varying texture I do two big dry flat twists all the way to the back of my head and leave in for a couple of days. I found out by accident that I can get beautiful spiral curls that look like straw curls just by doing that because the hair on the crown of my head grows annoyingly straight


Just did my Bc… need ideas..this is also my 1yr natural!!!!

bint alshamsa

My daughter has pretty curls all throughout her hair, but I have two VERY different hair types. When my hair gets a bit longer, I’ll be able to try these styles. Right before Christmas, I had to cut off most of my hair, because my lupus flare-up caused big patches of it to fall off. *sigh*


Why hide multiple textures??? I let it all SHOW!!


Initially I agreed until I remembered how horrific I looked trying to wear a wash and go, and trying shingling w/Shea Moisture and EcoStyle.


If one has different textures, that is all the more reason to be conscious of overuse of heat. Heat damage will add one more texture to the three to four textures you aleady have: straight.

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

My textures are almost the same on my head, except for the bottom layer which tends to be more straight. It’s not heat damage. It’s always been that way.

I love buns but like to do a twist out or braid out first in order to create a textured bun.

I was intrigued by this article, but didn’t learn anything new. 🙁 I have three different hair types and of all the techniques out there, the only ones that consistently work for me are bantu knot outs, twists and twist outs, loose twists and blow outs. I’ve also learned that my hair does not take to lots of product so I just stick to one. I can’t wear any other styles w/o looking like a crazy fool. Sadly my fave hair texture (tiny coils) is in the back with waves in the front and frizz on the sides. 🙁 If… Read more »

i knew i shouldn’t have read the comments! tired of hearing people complain about something with their hair.

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