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Amber // Natural Hair Style Icon

• Aug 26, 2011


Where do you live?
I live in Arlington, TX. About 20 minutes west of downtown Dallas. I was born in Sun Valley, CA which is in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I’m reppin’ Cali for life regardless of where I live :o)

I just earned my Texas State Braiding License and Natural Hairstyling Certification through Isis Institute of Ancestral Braiding, over this past weekend of August 18th- 21st. Isis is a natural hair pioneer who fought and continues to fight for the rights of natural hair stylists here in TX. Due to her determination (including being imprisoned for practicing natural hair care and braiding without a TX State regulated Cosmetology license) she got the TX laws changed that required those practicing chemical free hair care (like braiding) to get a 1600 hr cosmetology license. She fought the charges and won her case in 1997 getting those 1600 hours reduced to 35 hours. I am truly grateful to her for it.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
My mother (RIP) is who I owe my passion for natural hair care to. I wore my hair natural until I turned 15. At the time I believed hair that shrinks was undesirable and having straight hair that wouldn’t shrink up when it was wet became too much for me to resist. The first 2–3 years were great. When I wore my hair relaxed it was still curly because I didn’t relax it to bone straight. I would leave the mild chemical relaxer in for 5–10 minutes and rinse it out giving it more of a texturized look. I figured that would lessen the damage. I was wrong. My mother reluctantly gave way to my endless begging and nagging, allowing me to get a relaxer. Long story short, by the time I was 19 my BSL length natural and pressed hair dissolved away to neck length.

When and how did you transition into natural hair?
I transitioned twice during the 6 years I wore my hair relaxed, once in 1993 at age 19 and again December 1995. There was no such thing as “Big Chop” then, at least not to the degree Sisters are doing it now. I transitioned from March 1993 to about November 1993 and cut off all my relaxed ends. I wouldn’t call this big chopping because by that time my hair even with the relaxer cut out would still fit into a ponytail holder. My hair grew back to BSL and in December 1995 I got another relaxer at the recommendation of my son’s father. This time it was a FABULAXER by Revlon and I’d been using Revlon Realistic in mild. He put it on my hair and it processed about 10 minutes. I got into the shower and all of my hair rinsed down the drain. That was it for me. My thick shoulder length ponytail was the width of a .2 pencil. I cried for days and ended up getting individuals installed shortly after. I don’t know why my hair reacted that way to the relaxer to this day. All I know is it scared me straight (literally) and I have never looked back.

Over the next 17 years I wore my hair both thermally straightened and in its natural kinky-curly texture. I took my hair care much more seriously over the years, using high quality products like Joico, Sebastian Colour Shines, Nexxus, Aphogee products, and Matrix Biolage. My hair length over the years ranged between APL and BSL. Around the end of 2002 I started looking into natural hair care and thought about going to school to become a stylist. Styling hair has always been a passion of mine. I found out about Taliah Waajid and the classes she was giving in Atlanta and wanted to train with her. I printed out her entire syllabus online and never pursued it further. I also joined a website called where other Sisters would share photos and hair care tips. Still didn’t move me enough to change to a heat free hair care regimen. There weren’t even any “natural” hair products. I would keep my hair in a low bun when it was curly and the few times I did wear it down I used Worlds of Curls Curl activator gel and spray. The activator would run and leave dark spots on my shirt collars like I had a Jheri Curl so I stopped using it.

Fast forward to May 2010. By this time my desire to go heat free was in full drive. I loved and admired black women who were not embarrassed with shrinkage and confidently sporting their natural kynxx. YouTube had loads of vloggers who were doing tutorials on styles and offering great hair care advice. I was working for this financial institution here in TX and kept seeing this one Sister in my department with about a 3 inch twa rockin’ it so fiercely, I thought to myself, if she can do it and look fab not caring about what others think, so can I. I vowed not to use heat on my hair until all my heat damaged ends were back to curly. It’s been over a year and I have only blown it out one time this past July in preparation of some cornrows I did to make the parting process precise and easy for me.

In what ways (if any) has going natural affected you?
Wearing my hair in its natural state really hasn’t affected me the way I always thought it would. I assumed I wouldn’t be able to get a job. I assumed men would not find it attractive. I assumed it would be expensive. I assumed it would be boring after a while. All of my assumptions have been proven so wrong!

How would you describe your hair?
A multi-textured loosely curled to tightly coiled bundle of kynky joy!!!

What is a brief description of your regimen?
This is as brief as it gets… ;o)

Wash: African Black Soap by Naturalista Cosmetics. I no~poo and when I use certain products that don’t rinse clean I use black soap.

Clarify: Henna, Ayurvedic powders

Co Wash: VO5, Suave Naturals Line, or Hello Hydrations conditioner, as needed.

Deep Conditioning weekly: Amla powder, Brahmi powder, extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, section hair into 4, apply root to tip, place shower cap on and leave for 1- 2 hours. Rinse w/cool water

Bi Weekly DC: Organic Root Stimulator Replenish Moisture Conditioner; baggie, dryer for 30–45 minutes, rinse cool water OR a hot oil treatment using EVOO, Coconut oil, Castor Oil, with Rosemary and Lavender essential oils about 4 drops of each to 8 oz of carrier oils.

Every 4–6 weeks: Henna Treatment mixed with all above oils used in weekly dc and distilled water. mix to paste consistency let sit for an hour, apply henna from scalp to ends, leave in minimum 4 hours or sleep over night. Rinse cold water. Follow up with DC.

Protein Conditioner (only as needed): 4 egg whites, section hair into 4, apply root to tip then place shower cap leave in 30 minutes. Rinse w/ cold water.

Styling Products: Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave In Conditioner, Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Knot Today, organic coconut oil, homemade flaxseed gel, and soon introducing KimmayTubes Leave- In pH balanced recipe. These products vary in use depending on my style of choice.

What mistakes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
Mini twists although very cute and versatile are not for me. My ends curl way too much and I end up with single strand knots. I learned that oils although beneficial are better for my hair I get better results (aside from coconut oil) when I use them as a hot oil treatment then rinsed out.

One huge mistake was washing my hair with Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. Although it is a great clarifier, the ph level is too high for my hair and leaves it feeling brittle.

What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair?
Follow an Ayurvedic hair care regimen. Without it I would probably be bald. I had a very serious and scary bout with hair fall after the birth of my last son in 2005. My hair shed for 4 years and although it was still lengthy I lost a lot of density. I spent so much money looking for a magic treatment to stop my hair fall. Nothing worked until I Google searched “stop hair loss” and an article about Amla oil came up. I was hesitant to try at first after reading the reviews on Amazon and how people complained of the strong scent. I bought some and oiled my scalp with it over night using the baggie method and my hair fall was put in check after the very first treatment. Due to the high content of mineral oil found in the amla oils sold in local Indian markets where I live I changed to powder forms of Ayurvedic oils instead.

Learning the importance of pH balance has been very effective. I think Kimmaytubes leave- in will be my go-to since I’ve seen what it has done for her hair AND for several of my FB friends who use it faithfully.

Keeping a consistent regimen and not being a product junky based solely upon the results other women have without researching the products benefits. I always take into consideration my hair and what it needs as well as my skin as well before I try anything.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Yes, you can find me at
Twitter: @luvmykynxx
Facebook: Kynxx~Natural Stylez by Amber

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Wow your hair is Gorgeous, for a second I thought you were Shelli that’s on BGLH as well :). Those hairstyles I’m definitely gonna try and see if I can duplicate at 2 of those for myself. Keep up the beautiful work and thanks for sharing your story.


LOL!!!! That is too funny Zyaran!!! Amber and I are FB friends and constantly complimenting each other!! I loooove her curls and was so happy to see her featured here!! Amber, just beautifuly! You (inside and out) and your hair!! I love all of your styles, but that flat twist that hangs to a loose twist with the ponytail puff?? OMGosh, your curls are sooo luscious, they are to die for!! Love it=)!!


Dang typos!! “Beautiful” Oh, and because henna loosened my curls *sad face,* Amber’s hair is a lot curlier than mine. I used to have curls that lush. Now, they are pretty much waves:(. Buut, I am working on that and it’s getting better.


Your hair looks great! Makes me want to try Ayurvedic routine…

Robin Nicole

Gotta show love to my fellow Dallas naturalistas!

Beautiful hair!


Your hair & hairstyles are beautiful. Thanks for sharing all that information. I’m also going to try some of your styles. Simply Gorgeous!

jenna marie christian

amber your hair is absolutely beautiful


Thanks for sharing! I am inspired to try a similar hair care routine. My ends are always dry and begging for moisture. I might not be using enough of the right oils. I really like your hairstyles as well!!

CiCi Ford

Wow…I feel like I’ve just been schooled (but in a good way) Like a good friend sharing her beauty secrets with me. Your hair is gorgeous! I am also very concerned about what I use on my hair and I find that I buy alot of products just to end up somewhat disappointed. I will def follow your regimen for now on seeing how well it has worked for you. Thanks so much for sharing and wish you much success..the sky’s the limit!

Porsha Rasheed
I have know you for about 10 to 11 years and I have watch you go through your Hair Journey you have went though many stages…I remember being the first person you did the corn rolls on with the extension…I have enjoyed watching you evolve into the entrepreneur that you have become..I am so proud of you…words cant even express how proud I am you are truly an inspiration! I know you make me want to be better and reach for the stars. You had a dream and you didn’t stop till u accomplish that. You go girl do yo… Read more »

Gorgeous hair and congratulations on your licensing!

I hope you’re able to mentor others and create more amazing styles for us to see on this forum.

PS: ‘I get better results (aside from coconut oil) when I use them as a hot oil treatment then rinsed out’

Why haven’t other other oils performed as well as coconut on your hair? What were the results? TIA

Amber Frank~
Porsha…you got me sitting here ready to cry woman. I appreciate you taking the time to write that comment Sis. Much love. Thank you so much for being their through those stages. Im still working on my goals and not where I know I can be. Like CiCi said, “skies the limit!” Thats real. Thanks for all the kudos ladiez the support feels awesome…and they say Black women dont get along and that we are too jealous or envious of one another. Daily we prove that wrong with forums like this, if they could only see this. Thanks again.
Amber Frank~

Thanks Anonymous…There was nothing wrong with the performance of the oils, it was the reaction my skin had to them. I know certain oils have astringent properties like coconut I believe,but I dont know much about how that works. I keep my skin clear with black soap. The oils that I noticed caused break outs were in a mix I created listed in the questionnaire answers.

Robin…s/o to the Dallas Naturalistas!

Tiffini J

I really enjoyed learning about your journey! Your hair is gorgeous. God Bless you sis!


Wow! Your hair is amazingly gorgeous! Great hairstyle pics as well.

Barbara of
[img] in green inset-1.jpg[/img]

Nachereyl Remidee

Now see, I be hatin on sistas with that already naturally curly hair!…just don’t make no cot pickin sense! Lol (sense of humor) Seems like ppl with naturally curly hair, it’s easier to manage and it just be looking so slick and pretty. …very beautiful.


Beautiful hair! Great to see other “henna heads” representing! Keep up the good work. 🙂


OMG!!! I’m in Dallas too!!! I LOVE all your styles and MUST have my hair braided by you?! Do you work in Isis’ salon? Never been there but I just heard about it & have been planning to come in…will contact you soon about doing my hair! 😉



Woop Woop I am in SV.I really would like to try Henna and Brahmi to strengthen my strands.I have fine strands that are very dense and tend to cotton like but loves conditioner so I would love to try henna.My hair is also high porosity and has a hard time staying moisturized so I can hear your regi calling my name:)


wow your curls are perfect.. i am still transitioning so I have senegalese twist but my roots look like I will have your same texture. I cant wait!



Man!! absolutley gorgeous hair, I only pray mine looks half that good as it grows out!!


[…] Style Icon Amber […]


Gorgeous curls!

Kellie Garner

Wanted to know if you do dreadlocks like retwist and styling them


[…] Style Icon Amber […]

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