How long is processing?

Our current processing time is 10 business days.

Should I select regular shipping or insulated shipping?

If temperatures are between 75 and 95 degrees in your area insulated shipping will keep your butters from melting. In the rare case they melt even with insulation we offer a refund or replacement. If temperatures are over 75 degrees and you select regular shipping, we assume you’re okay with receiving melted butter. If you want whipped, unmelted butter we don’t recommend purchasing when temperatures are consistently over 95 degrees. Even with insulation they will likely melt.

Can I change my shipping method after I place an order?

No. If there are errors in your order send an email to [email protected] and we will cancel it.

If my butter melts can I still use it? Should I throw it away? Is it spoiled?

Our whipped butter is absolutely still usable, fragrant and effective even when melted. It won’t go back to a whipped texture (unless you whip it yourself with a hand mixer) but it will still be spreadable with the texture of a soft cream. If your butter arrives melted just put it in the fridge and let it harden, take it out and let it come up to room temperature.

My butter melted and now it’s low down in the container. Did I receive less product?

No. We whip a lot of air into our butters so when they melt the volume goes down because the air bubbles escape. But the weight of the product is the same and it will last the same amount of time.

My butter is frothy at the top, but it’s not low down in the container. Is something wrong with it?

Nope! It got a little warm in transit but if it’s still high up then that means the air we whipped into it is still there. So you’re good to go!

My container is cracked/damaged and my product spilled. What do I do?

Send photos of the damage to [email protected] and we will process a refund or replacement.

My butter melted even though I selected insulated shipping. What do I do?

It is very rare that this happens but unfortunately it does happen a few times throughout the summer. Send photos to [email protected]. You may return the butter for a full refund or replacement, or keep it and receive a partial refund.

What is the shelf life of the butters?

12 months.

What is the difference between whipped and blended butter?

All of our butters are whipped in the same way. We use the term ‘blended’ to specify the whips that have two or more butters in the base. Products referred to as ‘whipped’ have just one butter in the base.

Is this a black-owned company.

Yes: https://bglh-marketplace.com/about/

Which butter is good for stretch marks?

Each butter contains ingredients that reduce scarring and blemishing in skin so they’re all good for that.

Which butter is good for eczema?

All our butters are formulated to smooth, soften and reduce inflammation in skin so they’re all good for that.

Can I use the butters in my hair?

Absolutely. Most of our customers do. The most popular uses include: locking in moisture after a wash/condition, gently defining curls, smoothing and softening hair before styling and providing definition in braids, twists, braid outs and twist outs.

Where can I see a full selection of your products?

Here: https://bglh-marketplace.com/shop

Do you have coconut oil-free options?

Yes: https://bglh-marketplace.com/product-category/coconut-oil-free/

Do you have almond oil-free options?

Yes: https://bglh-marketplace.com/product-category/almond-oil-free/

My mango butter has no scent. Why?

Mango butter comes from the seed, not the flesh of the fruit, so it does not smell like mango fruit. We include this note on all Whipped Mango and sample pack listings, but sometimes customers miss it.

How do you scent your products?

All of our butters are scented with essential oils, plant extract, coconut oil or cocoa butter. We don’t use synthetic fragrances so our butters are not designed to be an alternative to perfume. However they are incredibly fragrant, amazing aromatherapy and their scent transfers onto skin and hair. The intensity and length of the scent transfer will depend on the unique chemistry of your skin and hair.

Are your butters good for sensitive skin?

All our ingredients are food grade and our butters contain no synthetic chemicals. So yes, they are very gentle.

I don’t like the smell of the butter I got, can I change it or get a refund?

Unfortunately no. We only do refunds or replacements for damaged or compromised products, and incorrect orders.

My tracking number hasn’t updated and I think my package is lost. What do I do?

If a tracking number hasn’t updated in 2 weeks we presume the package to be lost and issue a refund. Send an email to [email protected] to get the process started. Keep in mind that insulated packages freeze for 24 to 48 hours before being picked up by the post office, so those tracking numbers begin moving later.

We have noticed that our carrier — USPS — is slower with posting tracking updates and moving packages through their system due to a series of new and controversial changes under new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.