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The Complete Guide to Growing Out 4B/4C Natural Hair

For 6 years, BGLH has been a leader in showcasing kinky 4B/4C natural hair and providing key information on how to grow and style it. So it is fitting that our first official e-book is a consummate guide to growing out kinky, 4B/4C natural hair!
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In this guide you will find 60 pages worth of our BEST INFORMATION on growing out 4B/4C hair, compiled from the best articles we’ve written over the past 6 years:

How Long Does It Take To Grow Out Natural Hair?
Essentials For Growing Out 4B/4C HAIR

  • Promoting Growth From the Inside Out: Diet and Lifestyle Changes that Make a Difference
  • Ruling Out Medical Reasons for Slow/No Hair Growth

  • How To Breakage-Proof 4B/4C Hair

  • 4B/4C Hair and Breakage – Everything You Need to Know
  • The Proper Way to Handle 4B/4C Hair
  • Hair Tools that 4B/4C Naturals Should Avoid
  • Strengthening and Fortifying Your Ends
  • Regrowing Weak Edges
  • 7 Steps to Minimize Damage When Using Heat on 4B/4C Hair

  • Products that Promote Growth

  • Amazing Products for 4B/4C Natural Hair
  • 3 Oil Mixes that Boost Length Retention
  • 3 Researched Recipes to Regrow Edges and Recover from Shedding

  • Styling 4B/4C Hair For Growth

  • What Is Protective Styling?
  • Protective Styles for Short/Kinky Natural Hair
  • Cute Styles for Naturals in the Awkward ‘In Between’ Stage
  • Protective Styles for Medium Length, Kinky Natural Hair
  • Protective Styles for Maximum Length Retention of 4B/4C Hair
  • How to Retain Length on 4B/4C Hair Without Protective Styling

  • Speed Regimens

  • What To Do If You Want Longer Hair in a Year
  • What To Do If You Want Longer Hair in 3 Months

  • Progress!

  • Signs You’re On Your Way to Long Hair
  • Real Life Success Story: How Geniece Went from Shoulder to Waist Length
  • Real Life Success Story: How Chinwe Went from Neck to Waist Length in 5 Years

    “Just finished downloading and reading the e-book. The information is concise and there are many great tips. I liked the format of the e-book and the topics for each section. I will definitely recommend the e-book to my friends.” –Theresa R., Holistic Health Consultant

    “This is a good book to have!! I plan to give it to my daughter when she is a teenager!!” –Shenelle W.

    “Great book BGLH! An awesome guide and I love that you include style tutorials.” –Lena T.

    “Well done for putting together this book. I am really excited about this book because this is my hair texture.” –Lydia E.

    “One of the most thorough guides I’ve read for kinky hair. I LOVE the styling tutorials at the end, and the real life success stories. Also love that you give actual indicators for identifying breakage AS WELL AS identifying hair progress. Really appreciate this!” –Ariel L.

    The e-book is in PdF format and will be available for download

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