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All packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Once your order is packed, an email will be sent to you from with your tracking information. We currently ship to the United States and select countries. We are not expanding the number of countries we ship to at this time.

We are currently unable to process rush and overnight orders. We DO NOT refund or replace stolen packages so please ensure that your package is delivered to a safe location. We include tracking with every package and once it has been marked delivered by USPS we assume no further responsibility.


Please select insulated shipping if temperatures are consistently over 75 degrees in your area. Insulated packages contain cold packs and are shipped in silver heat-resistant mailers. They are frozen for 24 to 48 hours before post office pickup. (This is why tracking numbers do not automatically update.)

You might find when you open the package that it is cool inside, but the cold pack isn’t frozen. That is because it thaws during transit.

While the insulated mailers and cold packs can get our products to your doorstep in good condition, they cannot keep packages at a chilled temperature if they are left in a hot mailbox or doorstep. The complaints we receive about melting most often occur when a package has been collected at the end of the day after it has been sitting in the sun or an outside mailbox for hours.

To prevent product melting:

1. Watch your tracking number closely. Arrange to have your package collected by someone as soon as it is deposited in your mailbox.

2. Have your package delivered to your workplace. Quite a few of our customers do this to ensure they can collect their package as soon as it is delivered. Most workplaces have air conditioning and indoor mail collection.

3. Have your package shipped to someone who is at home during the day.

4. Have your package shipped to a PO box within an air conditioned mailing facility.


We are unable to ship orders that were designated for in-store pickup. If you requested in-store pickup in error, notify us and we will refund and cancel the order. Orders not collected within 2 months will be canceled and refunded.


We only ship replacements for incorrect orders and spilled/damaged product. To receive a refund or replacement you must email photos of the spilled/damaged product to us and then mail it back. We will cover the ccost of shipping via a prepaid shipping label. Unfortunately we cannot exchange products simply because a customer does not like the scent. We do not offer refunds or replacements for stolen packages so please ensure your package is delivered to a safe location. We do not do signature confirmations for package delivery. We do not offer refunds or replacements for melted product if regular shipping is selected.

We ship all of our packages through USPS and on rare occasions there will be slow delivery. We do not offer refunds for delayed packages, although we can offer future discounts if requested. If a package appears to be lost in the mail, we wait 2 weeks from the last USPS tracking update before issuing a refund or sending a replacement.

Because our whipped butters are handmade, there is some variation in volume between batches. Some batches do not whip as high as others, and thus do not fill the container all the way to the top. This is rare, but it does not mean that you have received less, as the weight of product placed into each container remains consistent.

We do not re-ship melted product WHEN REGULAR SHIPPING IS SELECTED because the butter is still effective and usable. If your product arrives to you melted simply put it in the fridge until it hardens. Then put it in a cool room and let it come up to room temperature. It will have a denser texture, more the consistency of a cream than a whip. Melted products sometimes lose volume because air bubbles have escaped, so it will appear lower in the container, however the weight of the product is consistent with what is on the label. If you selected insulated shipping and your product arrives melted, we can offer a partial refund (if you choose to keep it), a replacement or a full refund.

Sometimes products melt in transit, if this happens with non-insulated shipping we do not offer any refunds or replacement. However if this happens with insulated shipping we offer a partial refund, full refund or a replacement. This happens most frequently in the hottest months of the year (June through August).

The good news is that butters are still usable, absorbent, non-greasy and have all the amazing benefits for hair and skin — even in a melted state. Put them in the fridge and let them solidify, then set them out in a cool room so they can come up to room temperature. They will have more the texture of a cream than a whip, but still have a nice absorbent feel and can be used normally.

There are two different severities of melting. A light melting will make the product look bubbly, but retain the volume. You will notice in these pictures that the volume of the product is still high and rises to the top of the container. This suggests that not a lot of air bubbles have escaped in the melting process and the product has retained its whipped texture. We do not offer refunds or replacements for this kind of melting.

A heavy melting occurs when the product loses significant volume during melting due to a loss of air. It is important to note that a. the butter has not evaporated (this is physically impossible) and b. the weight of the butter has not changed. What has been lost are the air bubbles that are whipped into the butters to make them rise. We offer partial refunds or replacements for orders that arrive this way IF INSULATED SHIPPING WAS SELECTED.


While our insulated mailers and cold packs are more than capable of getting products through the mail system in tact, they cannot stand up to hours in a hot mailbox or front porch in the middle of summer. If you live in a hot area, consider having your package delivered to your place of work if it is air conditioned, or watch your tracking number closely and ask a neighbor to collect your package as soon as it is delivered.

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