Whipped Cocoa Butter

(125 customer reviews)

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The perfect alternative to watery cocoa butter lotions, or raw cocoa butter wedges that are hard to spread. Our Whipped Cocoa Butter has just four ingredients — raw cocoa butter, raw shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil — whipped for an hour in a commercial grade mixer to make it soft, spreadable and highly absorbent.


Our Whipped Cocoa Butter is the perfect alternative to watery cocoa butter lotions, or raw cocoa butter wedges that are impossible to spread. Whipped for an hour in a commercial grade mixer this product is soft, absorbent and easily spreadable, containing no water or synthetic chemicals. Its intense intoxicating chocolate smell is solely derived from the raw cocoa in the mix.

Cocoa butter is an age-old remedy for scars, stretch marks, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. It is also a fragrant daily moisturizer that will leave your skin glowing. A little bit of this product goes a very long way.

It contains just four ingredients — raw cocoa butter, raw shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil.

Is Whipped Cocoa Butter just a lotion?

No. This product is extremely versatile. It can be used as a foot cream to relieve dry, cracked heels, a hand cream to grow nails and reduce wrinkling, a lip balm and a massage oil. Click here for a full list of 17 ways this product can be used.

Can Whipped Cocoa Butter be used in hair?

Absolutely! Cocoa butter contains nourishing fatty acids, which keep strands soft, strong and shiny. Apply to wet or damp hair to soften strands, define curls and lock in moisture. Plays well with other haircare products and absorbs easily, so you won’t experience build up or flaking. Apply daily to promote hair growth.


Cocoa butter, raw shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil

125 reviews for Whipped Cocoa Butter

  1. Andra Caston (verified owner)

    Fabulous product. I use it all over my body. The smell is not overwhelming and leaves my skin soft and smooth. I will always use this product.

  2. Carline (verified owner)

    The cocoa whipped shea butter leaves my skin shiny & moisturized…My friends ask me how do my skin stay so soft. I advised them, I only use BGLH-MARKETPLACE products. I also let them know the products are made onsite at the store & every thing is made with natural products…I believe a couple of my friends use BGLH products as well now…Keep making your products & I will keep buying…

  3. Michellelynn

    This smells amazing .I love that I got the refrigerating shipping for free .I will be buying more .

  4. N.I (verified owner)

    This is so amazing! Smells like chocolate ice cream! I got this scent in a sample pack and I will be buying more. These butters are very moisturizing and not stick either. Nice and light with the perfect amount of fragrance.

  5. Tanesha (verified owner)

    I love the product. Very light. Melts right into my skin. Doesn’t leave me feeling oily.
    The only drawback is that I bought the 12 oz jar and it’s tall and thin. I can see me struggling to get my have down into the the container to get to the rest of it. Hindsight I would’ve purchased 2 of the 6 oz jars instead.

  6. Denise Renee Johnson (verified owner)

    have been using BGLH Marketplace products since they began and I have never been disappointed in what I have experienced only delighted! This is not your ordinary cocoa butter but pure moisturizing bliss with no moisture reducing ingredients like water and other fillers. This is pure deep moisture without greasiness because they are whipped! Genius! You will be ah-mszed at how silky your skin feels not to mention that sumptuous sheen left on your melanated skin! You have reached the “mecca* of deep healing body/hair butters. Yes, your natural hair benefits too
    Thank you Leila for creating healing love in every yummy smelling jar! Shalom????????✨

  7. Malissa (verified owner)

    Extremely moisturizing to my skin, definitely purchasing more!

  8. P Walker (verified owner)

    The whipped cocoa butter is absolutely divine. Lightweight with a delicious fragrance. Smooth coverage. Will purchase again.

  9. Christina (verified owner)

    I really love the smell and how moisturizing this cocoa butter leaves my skin!

  10. tkgoodrich4576 (verified owner)

    This review is for the whipped cocoa bodybutter from BGLH (made by Ms. Leila) what can I say that the other 115 reviews haven’t said about this one little jar? I can tell you that if your looking for that lightweight almost fluffy like mousse consistency type of bodybutter you sure won’t find it in any store. That’s what a bodybutter in my opinion is supposed to look and feel like and this one right here you can check ✔ as 100% mousse- like, feather light and airy. The scent, oh my dear the scent is exactly how cocoa butter should smell. Chocolate and cream and the perfect amount of sweetness but not overpowering. Honestly, it smells like you want to eat it. This cocoa butter is that good.
    Moisturizing for your whole body from head to toe, you can check ✔ that off the list also. This one right here says what it does and does what it says. This bodybutter is complete perfection and I like all the choices but this one right here is the only one I absolutely must have. ❤

  11. Jasmine Brock (verified owner)

    If I could give the whipped cocoa butter 10 stars I would!

  12. Arrow (verified owner)

    I love this whipped cocoa butter so much. A little goes a long way and it is so moisturizing. The smell of it is so nostalgic to me, reminds me of being little and my mom putting cocoa butter on me after a bath. I love that this is simple enough for me to use on my baby too.

  13. Christina (verified owner)

    I really love this whipped cocoa butter. It smells so good, chocolatey. I love how moisturizing it is. Definitely a most have for the winter!!

  14. Nika (verified owner)

    I love this whipped cocoa butter. I can see a big difference with my skin since using it. I was using the big brand cocoa butter but I finally found a product that my skin loves and it shows by glowing.

  15. Shelita Jones (verified owner)

    Light yet completely hydrates my skin. The smell is on point. Will definitely keep this in rotation for my skin care routine . Love the sales!!

  16. Jenise (verified owner)

    I love the whipped cocoa butter for my excema, especially on my hands. I keep the whipped cocoa as part of my beauty routine.

  17. K (verified owner)

    I use this as a moisturizer on my face and it’s working. The texture of my skin is so smooth now.

  18. Reid (verified owner)

    Stocked up just in time for the winter. During the pandemic I started making my own blended butters with mixed results. I’m so happy to have BGLH’s whipped heaven back in my life! Using this & the African black soap to clear up my skin from mask acne / dark spots.

  19. PM

    While I was excited to receive, shipping took entirely too long, in addition to the packaging being damaged on arrival. Not too pleased.

  20. Danielle Burns (verified owner)

    I give BGLH all the praise. I have been using your products for over a year but not sure exactly how long. My entire family uses it on down to my 11 month old son. When I was pregnant my husband eczema flared up all over him and it has never done that before, got him to using your butters and it cleared him up and got his color back and he said he will never by lotion again. He uses it from head to toe…as he should. My daughter loves, who is 5, loves all the scents. We will forever purchase. Would be great if you all made lip balms ???????? you have forever customers from my family and I. Have you thought about doing gift sets for Christmas holidays? Would love to gift some.

  21. Jennie (verified owner)

    I love everything about this cocoa butter. I have thick, curly, frizzy long hair and this is the only product I’ve found that tames my frizz and defines my curls- all while conditioning my hair all day long! I’m low- maintenance and having one product that does everything is amazing! Not to mention the fact that it moisturize my skin, soothes itchy patches, and smells so good! My favorite product ever!!!

  22. Nicole Gholson (verified owner)

    Amazing product on my skin. I’ve tried different scents, all are great.

  23. Jam (verified owner)

    I love the whip cocoa butter! It’s smooth and the smell is great too!

  24. Zuri (verified owner)

    Love the whipped cocoa butter! Just makes me feel moisturized and its very light. I will definitely be ordering again

  25. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    I love the whipped cocoa butter.It is high quality and makes applying cocoa butter easy to use. I was taught and always believed in the benefits of cocoa butter and thank you for creating a whipped version!

  26. Taylor Painter (verified owner)

    Love it! It smells so good, like chocolate of course. And makes my skin SO soft and glowy. I use it on my face too!

  27. CAMILLE (verified owner)

    I have super sensitive skin and eczema. This stuff glides on easy and helps my skin feel less chapped. The ice packs were melted but my butter was not!! The only thing that would make the experience better for me is if the jar had a wider mouth. I have big hands!

  28. Elizabeth Galla

    Amazing! I bought the regular whipped and went back for another full container and a 5 pack sampler. The consistency is so smooth and it melts in your hands. Makes your skin so soft and no break outs from it. I got some for a friend and she loves using it in her hair. I have eczema on my hand and it doesn’t flare up at all when I use this consistently. Love all the scents I purchased.. I may try blending my own oils. Great products and I will definitely be buying more.

  29. Anne C

    I got a sample pack of whipped butters and they are all amazing. I have eczema and psoriasis and I’m very fair skinned so any discoloration is really noticeable. My skin drastically improved within a few weeks and continues to improve. Happy with my results from these butters, and they smell so good.

  30. Felicia (verified owner)

    I tend to opt for unscented soap and moisturizers, but this is where I make an exception. The scent takes me back to my childhood in the 70’s. The era of “Black is beautiful.”

  31. Faith (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing..& smells good enough to eat. My daughters & I skin gets painfully dry & itchy in the fall & winter. Nothing I’ve ever tried to retain moisture has worked..until this. You have a customer for life, please don’t ever change the ingredients you use in this product. If you’re considering getting this go for it, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  32. feliciapdickerson (verified owner)

    I prefer unscented body moisturizers, but I make an exception for cocoa butter. It’s subtle scent takes me back to the “Black is beautiful” 70’s of my childhood.

  33. kenyatta (verified owner)

    cocoa butter is the only thing I used to moisturize my face since I was a kid. The brand i used changed their formula on my and have been looking for all natural cocoa butter that is easy to apply on my face and then i discovered BGLH. I have been telling everybody about this company and you guys are right here in New York too which is a plus for me. You have a customer for life! I am very happy.

  34. Carole Young (verified owner)

    The smell is most pleasant. And the results are even more than I expected. AMAZING!

  35. Tay Long (verified owner)

    I have lupus and my skin can be very sensitive and itchy. I’ve tried different eczema and extra-moisturizing creams but nothing has helped. This cocoa butter is amazing! My skin feels so moisturized and soft. My husband loves it as well. I’ll defiantly purchase again

  36. Lisa Monaco (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! Smells great and is good for smoothing out rough patches. Best cocoa butter I’ve ever used!

  37. Tanya Sanders (verified owner)

    I have really bad eczema on my hand, it gets oozy and gets deep painful cracks in it. I’ve struggled with it for many years. I have been using this product for 2 days and two of the deep cracks are completely healed, the last is just about healed and the flakes have disappeared. The texture of the eczema gets smoother everyday. Also this really hydrates all of my dry skin so well! This product is a blessing!

  38. C.Young (verified owner)

    All-natural goodness. First time trying their products and I am very pleased. The perfect texture to go on your skin so smooth and the smell is divine. Definitely loving the whipped cocoa butter the most!

  39. Megan Flagg (verified owner)

    It smells and feels amazing!! It’s beautifully whipped, gentle, and hydrating. It melts right into my skin. Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely order this again!

  40. Kay (verified owner)

    I love the smell, and how it feels. I moisturize my hair with in and put it on my skin right after a shower!! It makes my skin so soft and it glows!!

  41. Katiria webster (verified owner)

    Love the feeling and smell of this product. My skin is extra soft and glows more

  42. Kimiesha

    Just received this in the mail and I’m in love. It’s light and fluffy and just melts into my skin. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and rubbed this on my belly this morning and my stomach hasn’t itched all day. I’ve told all my co-workers about it. If you are hesitant on pulling the trigger don’t be. Buy this stuff. Thanks for a great product!!!

  43. GabbyJ (verified owner)

    I LOVE this whipped cocoa butter. It feels so lovely on my skin and smells amazing!

  44. Meak (verified owner)

    I ordered a sample pack of 3, and the Whipped Cocoa Butter is by far my favorite out of the 3. This is a great butter with a lovely smell. I love it this product .

  45. bryfromtheburbs (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH—like how I feel about all the other BGLH products I’ve purchased. But this cocoa butter is something else. I had this product less than a month, and I can’t front, I’m pretty lazy and don’t apply it consistently, but one stretch mark I focused on is gone and the others are fading. The one that disappeared makes me feel crazy like “was it even there?” It’s way better than any cocoa butter product i’ve bought from a store. BGLH products are saving my life, fixing my skin, and giving me confidence. I love it so much. And on top of that, the fact that I know it’s a black woman behind it and it’s handmade, I feel safe. I feel the love and labor in the products when I put them on.

  46. RoseMary Cooper

    I am new customer and glad my sister law gave it to me for xmas. I am now purchasing the whipped butter myself and love it. Smell so good and feel soft and smooth on the skin. Will be ordering more soon.

  47. Cinn (verified owner)

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE the Cocoa Butter. I use it mostly on my hands and my skin is soft (especially in the winter!) and my nails are thriving 100%. A little goes a long way. Highly recommended.

  48. CRP (verified owner)

    I love it! There is nothing better than having cocoa butter. The results are perfect!

  49. Erica Taicz Blandón (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. I live in a place with a long winter so normally it’s kinda hard, not as light and airy as it would be in a normal room temperature. That’s not in any way the fault of the product, I just warm it up in my hand for a moment before applying. Nothing feels better or more relaxing than getting out of the shower, covering myself in this, and letting the warm chocolate smell fill up my room.

  50. Darlyn D. (verified owner)

    This cocoa butter just melts into my skin. It’s keeps my skin so moisturized! Also, the smell is amazing! I will be buying a larger size.

  51. Tarisha Ball (verified owner)

    Love the smell. Makes my skin feel and looks great. Definitely the best cocoa butter that I’ve used.

  52. Kim (verified owner)

    This product is EVERYTHING. Light, smooth, soft, heaven to smell, and so comforting for my skin and hair. This is the only product I use everyday on both my skin and my hair. When BGLH ran it’s buy one get one sales, I stocked up on the whipped cocoa butter big time! Brothers and sisters around the world, ORDER THIS IMMEDIATELY! YOUR SENSES WILL BE CAPTURED BY THIS BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT AS SOON AS YOU OPEN THE JAR! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

  53. Natalie (verified owner)

    Bye Palmers! This is the real deal. I bought this for my coworker’s baby who has eczema. The next time i babysat for her, I noticed the eczema was healing. I am getting another jar for her as well as for myself. I was glad I was able to help since she only likes natural products for her baby. ☺️

  54. dlwmoore (verified owner)

    This stuff is absolutely amazing!!! I have been shouting from the roof tops to anyone who will listen!!! I received my 2 oz container is super condition. I love love this stuff.

  55. Valerie (verified owner)

    My sister loves these product!.. I sent the cocoa butter and the mango butter to her, she is loving these products !!!!!!

  56. Chantel Mercadante (verified owner)

    Love it!!!

  57. Lenora Rodin (verified owner)

    Wonderful, marvelous my skin feel amazing I should have ordered a larger jar shame on me. But I will be ordering again so I will be ordering a larger jar. The black soap amazing.

  58. Angané (verified owner)

    It smells like chocolate and feels even better on my skin after I exfoliate! Such a beautiful texture !!

  59. Keisha J. (verified owner)

    Customer Service is efficient, shipping is fast and products are excellent.

  60. Lilian Madu (verified owner)

    This butter was delivered to me all the way to The Netherlands. It was definitely worth it. I got two of the big jars and use it on myself and my children. I love the consistency, the smell and the multi-purpose aspect of the butters. It goes on very smoothly and has a luxurious feel. I would definitely repurchase.

  61. Celia (verified owner)

    I bought this last month for use during my pregnancy. It arrived melted despite opting for the special packaging (I blame it on the fact that I live in Florida). No big deal, I just threw it in the fridge to firm up. Love the smell and consistency. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to try other products.

    • Black Girl With Long Hair

      Oh no!!! Sorry the cold packs didn’t stave off the heat. I think I’m going to increase the amount I add to future insulated packages. Glad you were able to enjoy the butter anyway!

  62. CWM (verified owner)

    The quality here is so much higher than normal store-bought cocoa butter that I can probably never go back. The scent of something like Palmer’s is almost chemical compared to this.

  63. Risha (verified owner)

    This is the best cocoa butter that I’ve used. Smells geart and my skin looks awesome.

  64. wppattonjr (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. It is so light and airy and goes on great and smell great. I used to purchase my butters from another online store but she decided to close her shop down. I was so happy when after some searching on google I found another black business that offers cocoa, shea, and mango butters since it is the only thing I will ever use for moisturizer. This stuff is definitely the real deal and I will be a customer for life. Thank You!

    • Black Girl With Long Hair

      Thank you for this review. And so honored you consider yourself a customer for life <3

  65. Sha (verified owner)

    It smells so good and does wonders for my skin.

  66. Keara (verified owner)

    Softens my skin. Great product for these winter months

  67. Sarah D.

    Bought a 6 ct sample pack in November, and just got around to using this on a regular basis. This is my favorite of the butters I ordered. Also picked up shea butters and a mango butter blend. Came back today to order a few full size ones as I am nearing the end of my sample! Will be my go-to supply of cocoa butter for the foreseeable future! Will stock up in person next time I am in Brooklyn!

  68. Erica m. (verified owner)

    This smells like chocalate and is wonderfully rich. It is my favorite.

  69. Ashanti C. (verified owner)

    The whipped cocoa butter is amazing! Can’t wait to order more.

  70. J (verified owner)

    Best Cocoa Butter I’ve ever used. Great after a shower. Keeps skin moisturized, and smells great in a more natural way than other brands.

  71. Cynthia (verified owner)

    I LOVE the whipped cocoa butter! In fact I order enough to share with my daughters and brother. It’s my go to body moisturizer. I love using it, especially after taking a nice warm shower. I put it on while the steam is still swirling in the bathroom. It melts like butta, feels amazing, and provides a terrific aromatherapy experience. LOVE IT!!

  72. Janelle E Shinhoster

    Smells amazing and leave some my skins feeling soft and smooth

  73. Alexis Hayward

    I ordered the whipped cocoa butter sample just to try it out because I’ve always heard great things about cocoa butter. I must say that my sample is simply amazing and it smells wonderful. The whipped cocoa butter is definitely a must have!!!

  74. Rahsheda (verified owner)

    It’s so beautiful.

  75. Brenda Holifield (verified owner)

    This whipped cocoa butter is magic; leaves my body glowing and it smells heavenly. When I order I keep up with the tracking to make sure the post office gets it to me and not deliver it to somebody else. I’m just that particular about it.

  76. Yvonne (verified owner)

    I love everything about this. The smell, the texture, and how it feels on my skin.

  77. Angela (verified owner)

    Smells amazing. Melts on contact. And leaves my skin feeling sooo soft. There are no words to describe how great all of these butters are. All 3 butters (cocoa, mango, and shea) are officially staples.

  78. V. (verified owner)

    It absorbs nicely and makes my skin very soft.

  79. BRENDA HOLIFIELD (verified owner)

    All I can say is “wow”. I like how cocoa butter smells and the wonder it does for scars. But I’ve always used the raw cocoa butter and it was hard to use so I stopped buying it. I read the reviews for this whipped butter and everything is true. When I opened the container, it looked like cake frosting and smelled delightful. I scoop a little out with ease and I spreads it over my skin like I’m frosting a cake. My skin loves it so I do too. Leila does a good job with this and I will order again and again. I also like the Black soap. I read Leila’s blog on how she got started making these products and it makes me appreciate this even more. Thanks Leila.

  80. Timara (verified owner)

    Honestly really love how my skin and hair feel after this product!!

  81. Inkosi Fitness (verified owner)

    The product is smooth and melts pretty fast allowing for easy application to the skin. The chocolate smell aroma of the cocoa butter is strong and slightly fades after application. You don’t need to use a lot of it to get moisturized either. Two thumbs up here!

  82. Neta (verified owner)

    I love it! It’s keeps my skin so moistured and soft. My whole house use it. Definitely would be buying again.

  83. Buneco (verified owner)

    Can any one say CHOCOLATE??? because that is exactly what this smells like. I use it on my kids and they look and smell delicious.

  84. Shana (verified owner)

    Got this when it went on sale. I had long been curious. Best. Decision. Ever. Smells like cacao, which I love. I am a Southern girl now in Cali who feels like a dry sponge now that I cannot rely on humidity to help keep my skin supple. Nothing I have tried has gotten me near the softness my skin is used to…till now. This product is a nice base under my moisturizer and solo before bed. Funny enough it is helping to lighten hyperpigmentation after only a couple of applications. Best part is that my son has a large blotch on his leg that is white, hard and discolored. The derm gave a prescription that helped it feel moisturized but did not help the color issue. I used the whipped cocoa butter only three times at random and my (unobservant) hubby was asking me what I had done to help his leg so much–urging me to keep it up. I WILL be buying more of this product. Even at its retail price. Thanks BGLH!!!

  85. Tiny (verified owner)

    Nice n refreshing!

  86. Lorraine (verified owner)

    This is a great product. Smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

  87. Wanda P (verified owner)

    Love how this melts into my skin and leaves it soft all day. No oily residue-love it!

  88. Jasmina L. (verified owner)

    great smell,i have really dry skin with eczema n scars, its smoothed my skin n faded my scars.

  89. Shadae Williams (verified owner)


  90. Staleanna (verified owner)

    Love love love this cocoa butter!! It smells amazing and it’s whipped so it goes on your skin so smoothly. It makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized and it’s the only thing besides the whipped she’s butter from this site that I use on my skin! I would recommend to anyone I’ve already told all my friends and family about it! I am forever a customer!

  91. Onyinye (verified owner)

    The best purchase ever!!
    I love the smell and the butter leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling good.

  92. Tracee (verified owner)

    Your whipped cocoa butter is the best. It last long and the smell doesn’t turn old. The 12 once lasted for almost 2 years same great smell. Goes on smooth and melts easy when I blow on it because its cold right now. Thank you for making a great cocoa butter!

  93. Kourtney Gordon (verified owner)

    I love the smell and whipped texture. Perfect.

  94. Jazlynn Simpson (verified owner)

    This is my go to for all my skin and lip care. I will never use lotion!

  95. muneeyi

    okay! first of all, I have to say, I thought it was going to melt because Nebraska is hot atm. but it didn’t! omg! it smells so freaking divine. although the pack just got here. I am so happy and would report my progress as I use it in the review. thanks!!. and by the way, I bought both the shea butter and the coco butter

  96. Morgan

    I heard about BGLH from a friend, and decided to try their products. The first time I ordered their whipped shea butter, just to try it out, and was so impressed by how smooth and moisturizing it was, that I came back and ordered the cocoa butter. Which was just as incredible. This is going to be the only place I get my moisturizers from now on. It keeps my skin soft, and is smoothing out and erasing blemishes. Thank you all!!

  97. Blacprl

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  98. Nancy Carter

    I use as a body butter and for my hair and I love it, will be re ordering

  99. Phyllis

    Great smell and texture will order again!

  100. Anonymous

    I love it!! Smells like chocolate. Not too greasy and my skin is soft and smooth

  101. Anonymous

    I can’t believe how great this product is. It smells incredible. Just ordered some more for Mother’s day

  102. Brooke

    Love the whipped consistency! It moisturizes extremely well without any greasiness. A little definitely goes a long way. With the scent of rich chocolate, I find myself wanting to eat it up… lol!

  103. QT

    I have never had unrefined cocoa butter before to spread all over my hands and body. This butter is the best and smells absolutely yummy. I will be a customer for life as long as this is sold on this website. I probably will never purchase another body butter again. I received this product in a 3 ounce size and it was perfect, a little definitely goes a long way. Thank you!

  104. Eneri

    I ordered all whipped Shea butters. The Cocoa butter is great for my winter skin and will be great for my summer skin. It’s not greasy and goes on smooth. It has evened out my skin tone, and softened my skin so much. Very happy with this product. Also not a heavy Shea nor Cocoa scent.

  105. Angela

    Girls, can we talk? I love this whipped cocoa butter for my body for every season. It has the perfect weight to leave your skin moisturized all day long. This is my second time purchasing this product and I still love it. It has completely replaced my lotion. If you’re like me and you’re buying this for your body my tip would be to store it in a cool place because it will melt. I take this jar of goodness in the bathroom with me and apply it right after my shower, when your skin is still damp. Then lightly towel dry. Moisture for days, and my husband loves the way it leaves me smelling. It smells like delicious chocolate to me and it doesn’t linger an excessive amount of time– if chocolate isn’t your thing. I use it on my two small kids too who tend to get ashy and dry. I can’t rave about this stuff enough. I’ll buy it again and again.

  106. Anonymous

    Very smooth. Love the chocolate smell.

  107. Tammy

    I ordered this for the first time a few months ago, and when I got it, it quickly became my go to moisturizer for my skin. I already use coconut oil, but this makes my skin even softer, and helps to lock in moisture. and the smell??? Jeez I can’t get enough of it. I always smell delicious and warm. Just buy a big tub if you try this and save yourself the grief.

  108. Anonymous

    Very moisturizing but not oily. Nice packaging, I use it after a shower on my whole body and it makes your skin soft with a nice glow. I will repurchase

  109. Tia Newkirk

    I was undecided about purchasing the whipped cocoa butter, but I’m glad I did! It’s great and I love the smell!!

  110. Pennie Collins

    Very nice texture for using on delicate facial skin. No pulling or tugging eye area.

  111. Pennie Collins

    Very nice texture for using on delicate facial skin. No pulling or tugging eye area.

  112. [email protected]

    I ordered the whipped Shea Butter and the Whipped Cocoa Butter, mixed them together, what a awesome combination. Very moistening for my face, hair and body. Great stuff.

  113. Anonymous

    It smells just like the description chocolate. My daughter has very acne prone skin. She puts it on her face to our surprise it does not break her out. It has actually fade away some scars. I like the consistency of the whipped cocoa butter. I have been looking for something like this a long time. Thank you for your products. My children and I will enjoy them. I will spread the word.

  114. Adelle

    First, let me say. This is the first time I’ve ever received a package so fast from any company. Not only that my butter wasn’t melted. I live in South Florida and usually my butters are melted by the time it gets to me. Nevertheless, this butter smells soooo UHHHHMAZZINNGGG! !!! OH. ..lets not forget about the texture so silky, creamy, smooth. My goodness. I love the cocoa smell, UHHHMAZZZINNG! !!! I am very well pleased with this product. You have a loyal customer for sure.

  115. Tracee Turner

    I love your whipped Cocoa butter! I use it mainly on my skin everyday. I can’t wait to try the chocolate mint cocoa butter! It it

  116. Anonymous

    It smells amazing!!! I am using it on my body. I am not sure if I will use it on my hair. It smells like dark fancy chocolate, if you are into that. It does not smell like Palmer’s cocoa butter. A little goes a long way. It is not as soft as shea butter, so one cannot scoop it with one’s finger to get it out. Great job with this product!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m telling everyone about this! This is a good buy, since I cannot find cocoa butter near me.

  117. RoseMary

    Top was not secured and product leaked all over – melt

  118. Anonymous

    It smells delicious sometimes I feel like eating it lol. Havent used it on my hair yet but it feels great on my skin ans goes on really easily

  119. Aijalon Reid

    The container was larger than I expected & the consistency was velvety smooth & light. It smells like chocolate & it is not overbearing. I’m definitely going to get the other butters . Thank you BGLH:)

    Aijalon R.

  120. Happy Customer!

    My whole household is using MY whipped cocoa butter. It smells like yummy chocolate. It drives my hubby crazy (TMI sorry) and now he’s using it and has sworn off lotion all together. In addition to using it to seal my hair, I use it on my 18 month old daughter’s skin and hair. I haven’t used anything on my skin since. I apply it to my skin while damp in the shower and then I lightly blot off excess water. My skin has transformed and it’s only been a week. It’s so whipped and light I can’t say enough good things about this product. I am buying several more and gifting this to people I know during the holidays. Fantastic job bglh!

  121. Anonymous

    I slather it on and feel soft and dewy all day! Super hydrating. Like it, buy it again – hair and skin.

  122. melikabu

    Melts and absorbs into skin beautifully

  123. prettydarkskinnedgirl

    I usually make my own whipped cocoa butter but it always starts out perfect and creamy and turns hard; I’ve tried altering my recipe to counter this to no avail. This whipped cocoa butter, however, is the perfect consistency and remains soft and creamy and spreadable. It smells great, feels great and is a good value. I would (and will) purchase this again.

  124. Cc

    This has all my favorite butters whipped together. I love it. My skin already feels amazing.

  125. Anonymous

    OMG, my skin feels so good! It goes on very smooth, and I love the smell. Right out the shower I put this on, and my skin is so soft. Will definitely purchase again!

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