Whipped Butters 0.9 oz Sample Pack — PICK 3

(78 customer reviews)


We have so many lovely butters, it can be hard to choose just one. The sample pack is perfect for those who can’t decide or just like variety.

Product Quantity

Baby Powder Blended Butter

0.9 oz

Candy Blended Butter

0.9 oz

Cocoa Shea Blended Butter

A powerful combination of raw cocoa butter and pure shea butter. Customers call this our 'hot chocolate butter' for its delicious smell.

0.9 oz

Coconut Lime Whipped Mango Butter

0.9 oz

Coconut Whipped Shea Butter

0.9 oz

Gingerbread Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

0.9 oz

Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butter

0.9 oz

Ice Cream Blended Butter

0.9 oz

Lavender Whipped Shea Butter

Moisturize your skin and remove scars and blemishes while receiving the calming aromatherapy benefits of lavender essential oil. This whipped butter contains no synthetic chemicals, and can be used on both hair and skin.

0.9 oz

Lavender & Cocoa Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

0.9 oz

Lemon & Lavender Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

0.9 oz

Lemon Cream Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

0.9 oz

Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter

0.9 oz

Mango Cocoa Shea Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

For years our customers have asked us for a product that combines mango, cocoa and shea butter. It's finally here!

0.9 oz

Mango Shea Blended Butter

0.9 oz

Mocha Latte Blended Butter

0.9 oz

Olive Oil Whipped Cocoa Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)

0.9 oz

Orange Creamsicle Whipped Shea Butter

0.9 oz

Orange Grapefruit Whipped Shea Butter

Smells like a fresh squeezed cup of orange juice and absorbs beautifully into skin. Use it for aromatherapy, and to keep skin glowing all day long. Powerful enough to relieve conditions like eczema, psoriasis and hyper pigmentation, gentle enough to be used on young children.

0.9 oz

Peppermint Whipped Shea Butter

0.9 oz

Rose Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

0.9 oz

Sandalwood & Bergamot Blended Butter

0.9 oz

Smoked Tobacco and Vanilla Blended Butter

0.9 oz

Unscented Whipped Shea Butter

Our Unscented Whipped Shea Butter is perfect for those who want the long-lasting moisture of raw shea butter without any added fragrance. This butter contains just 3 ingredients, no synthetic chemicals and can be used on both hair and skin.

0.9 oz

Vanilla Latte Blended Butter

0.9 oz

Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter

Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter is our all-time best seller. Many customers liken its subtle, sweet fragrance to a fresh scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Its light, fluffy texture makes it easy to apply, and a little bit goes a long way. Just a few dabs will have you glowing.

The coconut oil-free version of this butter contains responsibly sourced palm oil.

Watch the video below for 8 ways to use Vanilla Whipped Shea on your hair, face and skin.


0.9 oz

Whipped Cocoa Butter

The perfect alternative to watery cocoa butter lotions, or raw cocoa butter wedges that are hard to spread. Our Whipped Cocoa Butter has just four ingredients -- raw cocoa butter, raw shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil -- whipped for an hour in a commercial grade mixer to make it soft, spreadable and highly absorbent.

0.9 oz

Whipped Mango Butter

0.9 oz

The Woods Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)

0.9 oz


Long-lasting, deeply penetrating moisturizers for both skin and hair.

Whipped to a light, fluffy texture that absorbs right into skin and hair. Very fragrant (unless you select an unscented product.) A little goes a long way, a few dabs will have your body glowing and smelling divine. (Mango butter does not smell like mango. It comes from the seed of the fruit, not the flesh. It has a slight, almost imperceptible leafy/green smell.)

Soften and moisturize, reduce scarring, blemishes and stretch marks, and relieve eczema and psoriasis. Gentle enough to be used as a lip balm.

Apply after a wash or condition to smooth and soften strands, define curl pattern and lock in moisture. Works great for twists, braids, twist-outs and braid-outs. (Good for beards too!)

Absolutely! BGLH Marketplace Whipped Butters strengthen strands, leading to consistent hair growth.
Watch this video for 8 ways you can use BGLH Marketplace Whipped Butters on your hair, face and skin.


78 reviews for Whipped Butters 0.9 oz Sample Pack — PICK 3

  1. Stacy (verified owner)

    The butters themselves smell and feel great. My only issue is that each time I received a product (ordered both insulated and regular delivery) it’s no longer whipped. I like the idea of whipped but have only seen these buttered melted.

  2. Marcy (verified owner)

    I bought this recently and I love the product. I haven’t used the sandlewood much but the lavender I use every night before going to sleep, and the lemon I use every morning

  3. Tanya Jones (verified owner)

    I ordered three samples , Vanilla,Mango, and Baby Powder. Of course my favorite smell was Baby Powder.Best moisturizer I have ever used.I definitely will order the larger sizes.Thanks so much!

  4. Rose (verified owner)

    Wonderful products! It makes my hair feel so soft and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

  5. Katie G (verified owner)

    I’m so so happy to have discovered Leila and her products. The small sample pack is a perfect way to test out which scents and butters work best for you. 0.9 oz sounds like a little but when it’s whipped it goes a long way. My favorite by far is the Mango Shea blended butter and I’ve bought it in bigger sizes since my first purchase. The natural scent is mild and nice. I use it on my face every morning and night (I have dry skin) and it has transformed my skin. I swear it’s helped my blemishes and scarring and even made my fine lines look less noticeable. I’m obsessed lol. I also use the butter on my body and it’s excellent. It’s not greasy and absorbs into my skin really nicely. I got the lavender Shea butter for my kids at nighttime and it’s helped soften their skin a lot. However, I think they might have a sensitivity to lavender oil so I’m going to switch them to the mango Shea blended butter. The butters have also really helped the eczema on my hands and my husbands wrists and knees. It’s just all around a magical product. I’ve told all my friends about it. Thank you, Leila!!

  6. Robin L Wade (verified owner)

    My sister received her samples and she’s in love. However, the package did not contain the note I requested to be included in her delivery. That’s the only reason I gave you 4 stars. She didn’t know who the package was from.

    Don’t worry, I received my $72.00, 12 /oz purchase. This is my third or fourth order with you and have shared with my family and friends and they, too, have ordered from you. Keep up the good work.

  7. Amelia (verified owner)

    These are great, and I will definitely buy more… I just have to remember not to order them during the summer, because the whipped cocoa butter did not stay whipped–not BGLH’s fault though! They package them with cold packs. But it wasn’t a surprise that it had melted after my package was left HIDDEN on my porch overnight on a 90 degree day by the mailman. He seemed to think that OF COURSE we would go check behind the spider-encrusted recycling bin that he’d hidden my package behind. (Eyeroll. My mailman is actually a very nice guy, but… c’mon!) Maybe BLGH will get a West Coast distributor at some point and then I won’t have to worry about it. 🙂

  8. Irene (verified owner)

    These are my go to packs for gifting to my friends, so they can try your products, all are happy with them.

  9. Jennifer Haliday (verified owner)

    Great product! It absorbs into the skin so good and is not too heavy like most whipped Shea butters. I’ll definitely be trying the other whipped butters. Just ordered and cocoa butter and can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  10. rae (verified owner)

    Great for my scalp psoriasis and dry skin! They reduce itching and pain, and help my scaly/flaky bits shed cleanly. I have a more effective topical treatment that I use for bad psoriasis flare-ups, but I don’t use it regularly because it feels and smells gross. These butters feel great to use for daily maintenance.

    Love the Coconut Shea which is subtle and smells much like coconut oil, and the Smoked Tobacco & Vanilla, which is a natural sweet unisex skin scent. The unscented shea had a stronger scent that smelled a bit plasticky to me.

  11. Denise Mullen (verified owner)

    OMG!!!! I love the whipped Shea Butter, it’s so smooth and the fragrance is awesome. Next time I purchase will be in a larger size, I purchased the 1 oz. sample pack. It makes my feet smooth, my face even toned and my elbows were dark and now the darkness is gone. I would recommend this product to anyone. Love, Love, Love it!!!!!

  12. Az (verified owner)

    This sampler pack was my gateway to the awesomeness of these products. I ordered the ginger, coco-shea, and the mint chocolate (this was before it got discontinued; I ordered a larger size of the mint chocolate after the announcement) and I love them. I gave the ginger one to a relative because she loves ginger things, and kept the other two. I’m enjoying them so far! My skin is loving it, so it sure is working.

  13. Sunnflowerr2k1 (verified owner)

    Great product. Very easy to apply. Keeps your skin soft and moisturized. I will definitely buy a bigger size.

  14. Samara Willis (verified owner)

    I ordered the rose blended butter, vanilla whipped Shea butter, and whipped mango butter. I loved the packaging of the butters and the containers were easy to open. I was a little disappointed with the rose blended butter and the mango butter because I was expecting them to have a thicker consistency. They are a bit more on the oily side for me. However, I loved the Shea butter, it’s thicker and makes my hands feel amazing. When I notice the sides of my nails are not moisturized I use one of the other two butters and massage it into the crevices. All of the butters have a great smell that isn’t over powering. I haven’t tried any of the butters on my hair yet, but my hair loves any type of butters so I’m sure these will work great.

  15. Kedra Carter (verified owner)

    I love it! I normally purchase the whipped cocoa butter, but tried the mango blended butter this last time and just ordered more! I love the sandlewood/bergamont mix for my husband as well. I plan to try the whipped cocoa butter as an alternative once my baby is born this summer! I tell anyone that asks about it!

  16. SheaLove39 (verified owner)

    Love it! Great Stocking Stuffers 😍😍

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering from this company. Since I am a Shea butter fan, and I was due to get some more, I figured I would try this company. I ordered three butters that didn’t have a scent. They are very creamy and spreads very easily! I mostly use it on my back since there is more prone to break out due to scents. I’ll be purchasing some more in the future.

  18. whitneywlinz (verified owner)

    I’m now obsessed with your product. It’s extremely effective and it smells divine! I got lavender shea, bergamont shea, and coconut mango butter My only regret is that I didn’t buy larger sizes! I have eczema on my scalp and really, really thick hair, which makes it hard to even access my scalp to apply medication – most of it ends up on my hair in the process… Let me tell you, steroid cream residue is NOT the hot new look of the season.

    I had instant relief from my itchiness when I applied the whipped shea butter (lavender, mmmmm) to my eczema patch and no visible residue in my hair. Not only that, but the hair around that part of my scalp (where 80% of the product ended up) is now suuuuper soft. It actually made me realize how dry and itchy the rest of my scalp was and how brittle the rest of my hair was in comparison. I ended up methodically applying shea butter all over my scalp and I feel a million times better.

    My mom has the same thick hair and even worse scalp eczema problems than I do, so I immediately bought her a larger sample pack. I can’t wait for her to try it! Thanks again! Your whipped butters are life-changing!

  19. Courtney

    I flipping love these whipped butters! They are great for my two sons’ eczema, my dry skin and just everything! I use it like Windex lol The ONLY reason I didn’t give five stars is because when I order the schmedium sized jars (2 oz? with insulation) they melt. Which is not fun. I live in a pretty rural area and I’m willing to pay for expedited shipping. But they’re still great, I tell everyone about them

  20. Alayna (verified owner)

    I’m glad I got to sample 3 because I totally love 2 of them! The lemongrass smells like summer and the coconut mango is sweet but not too sweet. I like how it’s not greasy and keeps my skin moisturized for hours!

  21. Teddra (verified owner)

    Bought the 3pk Sample and I must say, I AM IN LOVE!!! My favorite scent is definitely the Coconut Mango Whipped Shea Butter. Its so fluffy and light and it goes on beautifully leaving a nice gloss. Not too much greasy aftermath! I loved everything about these products, I will be ordering more asap!! I also got the Mocha Latte, Lavender and Bergamont Scents! 😊

  22. Adia (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 2 of the 3 out of the sample pack so far, and I’m in love! The Cocoa Butter smells soooooo good and made my skin feel great. I wanted to eat it, lol. I’ve also tried the Coconut Whipped Butter. My skin was soft and felt great. I have the grapefruit left to try out, but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. I’ll be re-upping with full sizes very soon!

  23. Ariel (verified owner)

    I had been recently looking for a replacement for whipped shea butter and (EUREKA!!!) I have found it! I bought the coconut, vanilla and bergamot samples and love the scents of all three! I’m trying to use them one at a time which doesn’t help when I like the coconut one so much and I’m about to run out. I also love the smooth texture of the butters and how well they apply. The only thing I do not like is that shipping is not fast enough, but other than that, I love these butters!

  24. Gina (verified owner)

    I love the whipped butters, but there’s no fragrance to them at all. I was disappointed by that but the whipped butter itself is amazing and just soaks into my skin, my skin was soft afterwards. The fragrance would have been nice, I love the smell of mango and I hope that it was even a hint of mango, but it wasn’t. Not sure if I will order again!

  25. Davis (verified owner)

    I was slightly disappointed to order the coconut scent and I didn’t smell any coconut, it was a dense smell like shea butter. 😩

  26. Taneka (verified owner)

    I loved these butters! They start off smooth and turn into an oil on your skin, leaving it silky smooth. I used them all winter. My skin gets very dry during the winter months. They kept my skin hydrated all day. Although some of the citrus scents smell very similar, my favorite was the grapefruit and the candy butter. I would recommend this product and I will buy again.

  27. Kadeem (verified owner)

    Love the butter, I use the mango butter as a face moisturizer and it is great. Not greasy, just moisturizing.

  28. Spencer (verified owner)

    I love this brand. So wonderful and luxe. It really protects in cold and hot weather. The smell lemongrass, lavender and no scent are not over powering or distracting. Love the entire product. Thank you

  29. Froglover (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried all of my samples yet.
    It has a nice creamy texture and not as greasy as some similar products can be.
    Small size great for throwing in my handbag.

  30. Kim (verified owner)

    I bought the Vanilla Latte, Coca and the Lavender blend, so far I am loving them. They are creamy and light. They don’t leave you feeling greasy. I have used them on my skin and my hair. I totally love the products. I will definitely be buying again.

  31. Tamara Harris (verified owner)

    So I finally picked up my whipped body butters from the Post Office. To my surprise my mango whipped cream didn’t have a scent at all, needless to say I was EXTREMELY angry–don’t know it unscented was placed in the container by mistake or what. I chose mango because of the feedback and I just happen to LOVE mango. I also received Lavender and Grapefruit–no complaints with the other 2 samples. Smelled good and I love the product on my skin. Please check your products before shipping because if I wanted unscented I would have ordered it. Thank you

    • Black Girl With Long Hair

      Tamara I am glad you were able to enjoy some of your items! I just wanted to let you know that mango butter does not smell like mango. It comes from the flesh of the fruit and not the seed. We do mention this on all mango butter/sample pack listings, but sometimes people miss it. I am sorry for your disappointment and hope you were able to enjoy the mango butter regardless.

  32. Taylor! (verified owner)

    I saw a coworker with a tinier sample and I knew I had to finally try this shea butter.

    Bought it for my mom’s birthday and she loves it (so do I)! Very fluffy & creamy texture, and perfectly light scents (lemongrass, lavender & grapefruit). I’ll definitely have to buy my own before I use hers up! Very tempted to use some in my hair soon 🙄

  33. Gabby (verified owner)

    Excellent products! Super moisturizing but not greasy. For best results I would definitely recommend using right after getting out of the shower while still wet to lock in the moisture. Definitely will be purchasing again soon.

  34. Courtney Riley (verified owner)

    Love, love, love these products! I have really dry skin on my face and these butters works wonders! I only have one concern, how will they work during the summer months? I live in South Louisiana and it gets hot and humid, I don’t want to look like a grease ball during the summer months. I will give another review when those months arrive. So far I am satisfied in the south 😆.

  35. Nadine (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best way to go! The 0.9 oz sizes are great for carrying in your purse, at work or in your car.

    If you’re not sure about your scents and prefer a “sample pack” choose this option. You can choose 3 scents (Lavender, & Lemongrass are the BOMB) so you really can’t go wrong with this option.

  36. Amber Cori (verified owner)

    All the scents I bought smell lovely and I love the consistency of them as well. Will purchase again!

  37. Amina (verified owner)

    I purchased the cocoa shea, vanilla, and coconut scents. All of them smell heavenly and moisturize my skin very well, it leaves it feeling smooth and looking good. These samples are good sizes. Can’t wait to purchase bigger sizes!

  38. Amina (verified owner)

    I purchased the cocoa shea, vanilla, and coconut scents. All of them smell heavenly and moisturize my skin very well, it leaves it feeling smooth and looking good. These samples are good sizes. Can’t wait to purchase bigger sizes!

  39. Shamara (verified owner)

    I ordered the mango, lavender, and cocoa whipped butters. My mother and I both enjoyed the products. However, I do wish the smells were more pronounced and that they lasted longer.

  40. Paris (verified owner)

    Love this sample pack and love products from this site!!!

  41. Latonia (verified owner)

    Oh and the price….c’mon, you can’t beat that!! I feel like I’m getting a friend discount, lol!

  42. Latonia (verified owner)

    So soft and airy, yet just enough oil in a quarter size scoop! Love the scents I purchased which were whipped cocoa butter, lemongrass shea butter and coconut shea butter. All with just enough scent to notice, but not too much. I LOVE the lemongrass….I was worried it would be too much lemon smell like a cleaner, but it’s perfect! Mine melted, but July in Texas…no way around that. I helped mine to a solid state and they’re just as good. Will definitely order more….maybe in Sept or October, lol. Thank you for such a wonderful product, BGLH!

  43. Lovelyn (verified owner)

    I was super excited to receive my order but was disappointed. I paid to have it shipped without melting but all came in liquid form n the peppermint spilled.😡 I put them in the fridge. I love the texture but the one that spilled was my best flavor.☹️

    • BGLH Marketplace

      I am very sorry to hear this! Please email leila@bglh-marketplace.com with your order # so that I can give you a refund on shipping.

  44. Mindy (verified owner)

    I bought 3 whipped samples of mango (coconut lime scent), coco (chocolate mint scent), and shea butters (lavender scent) in addition to raw shea butter. The scents are wonderful- I literally want to eat the chocolate mint! Love the whipped texture, and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I definitely would purchase again. Thanks!

  45. Yvette

    Love, love how you whipped the butters! I bought the samples (plain shea, coconut & shea, and coco butters) and had to fight my girls off of them. They keep sneaking in them. Will buy again.

  46. BRITT (verified owner)

    These butters are absolutely amazing and so moisturizing. They smell wonderful. I like these sample packs b/c it gives me a chance try different scents and jus to see what butter works for my skin. My favorites so far, are the coconut mango butter, coconut lime mango butter, and coconut shea butter. I hope you guys make a vanilla mango butter!! i find that the mango butter is easier to work in your skin compared to shea. other than that amazing products. I hope this never goes out of business!! I don’t use retail lotions since these butters came along!! 😁 Keep up the good work!!

  47. Nancy (verified owner)

    I purchased the 3 sample pack. The butters smell nice and feel great on my skin but they aren’t smooth and buttery like the pictures suggest, they are more spongy, therefore not so easy to apply on larger parts of one’s body such as legs etc. I do not have dry skin but found that I needed to apply a significant amount in order to feel the product on my body.

  48. Inkosi Fitness (verified owner)

    We liked these because it gave us an opportunity to try the different butters. The sample pack allows you to figure out which one will work for you.

  49. Reava

    I absolutely adore the scents I ordered. I purchased vanilla, lavender, and whipped cocoa butter. The cocoa butter smells like delicious chocolate and the vanilla scent is very light. Not overpowering at all. The lavender smells fresh and clean. The consistency of the butters is very high quality. After my shower, I applied the whipped vanilla and cocoa butter. My skin and face felt baby soft. The coca butter had to be created by GOD, because… it is AMAZING!! I refrigerated the butters because I feared the heat would make them melt. I took them out after a week or so and they were still whipped. I received my order exactly a week later. I will definitely be ordering in the future. As far as I’m concerned, I am a lifelong customer. 💯💯💯

  50. Beatrice (verified owner)

    Really moisturizing and such nice scents! I keep one in each of my purses.

  51. Dominique (verified owner)

    The smells from the butters were not strong at all I expected to smell vanilla or lavender. Not what I expected

  52. yvonne (verified owner)

    Ordered the sample with 3 (orange cream, vanilla Shea butter, and coconut lime). I’m in love. My 4b/4c hair loves it. Will be ordering more!

  53. Joy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these products. My skin is so sensitive things like dish and hand soap have caused dermatitis and before BGLH the only product I could use was vaseline. I have the whipped cocoa butter (AMAZING ! Fading the scars from the dermatitis) whipled vanilla shea butter which is great for my skin and hair and the whipped peppermint shea which also perfect for giving me that fresh cooling feeling when my skin feels dry and irritated. And prices are awesome as well. I was referred by someone else and so glad I looked into it. VERY pleased with my purchased. Thank you so much !

  54. Nyesia (verified owner)

    I love the three butters I ordered. I order two mango butters in key lime and coconut. I also ordered a the shea butter in lemongrass. I love all three scents. I did not expect the texture to be so soft and light. I have used them on my hair and body and I can say that will be purchasing a bigger container next time.

  55. Lois Bailey

    I purchased the coconut whipped shea butter in the 8 oz size. There is not a hint of the smell of coconut. In fact there is no smell at all. Very very disappointed . I was born and raise right down the street from your business. I expected better of my Brooklyn peps. Will not be purchasing again… Thanks

    • Black Girl With Long Hair

      I am very sorry that the scent of the coconut whipped shea did not come through for you! We apply a generous amount of coconut oil to each batch. If you would like to send the product back, I will make sure there is no mix up with labeling and you received the correct scent.

  56. Brianna

    very affordable, wonderful quality, would purchase again

  57. Monica Cuellar (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the three butters I ordered. They smell divine and have such a creamy texture. They leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. And the sample sizes are perfect for me since I don’t like having too much product at any one time.

  58. Michelle R (verified owner)

    I love using the whipped butters for my hair and body esp. my hands. This has become my alternative to lotion. The sizes are small enough to fit in my purse. I have yet to be disappointed by any of BGLH products. Thank You.

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

    If you’re thinking about purchasing one DO IT! You won’t regret it. I ordered the whipped Butters Sample Pack in whipped cocoa butter, vanilla whipped shea butter and lavender whipped shea butter. The samples sizes are perfect for the office and if you’re traveling. The butters are very light, creamy and do not leave your skin feeling oily. My favorite scent is the vanilla whipped shea butter because it’s a light refreshing scent. I’ve purchased body butters from The Body Shoppe and I no longer will. Can’t wait to but the larger versions!

  60. Alexis (verified owner)

    I got the whipped cocoa butter, mango butter and coconut mango butter. I’ve been looking for a replacement for shea butter products (they tend to irritate my skin) and the cocoa butter is perfect! The smell is lovely, it isn’t too greasy or anything when you put it on and it keeps my skin feeling great! I’ll definitely be buying it in a bigger size very soon! The mango butters are nice to use as well, especially right out of the shower. I like that these don’t have a strong scent as well.

  61. Brandi “SunnyDnFLA (verified owner)

    Oh yes, I found another winner!!!!
    I purchased this sample pack along with the heart shape soaps & was blown away. I used the Vanilla whip on my hair right after wash day & it defined my curls very well. (I was very impressed)
    I used the mango butter on my face & although it was light scented & easy to apply, it was just ok to me. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it, It was just ok…
    Now get ready because the cocoa butter was a totally different story- It was a hit home run from the start!
    Mannnn when I tell you, I FOUND LOVE IN THIS COCOA BUTTER, I mean…….. I’M IN LOVE!
    Its sooooooo light, fluffy, easy to apply, chocolaty smelling, melts in my hands, absorbs in my skin & its wonderful! I never used anything like it. Honestly I haven’t. The sample size is cute & fun to play around with, but I had to put my order in for the larger size just so I wouldn’t miss a day without using it. I can’t say enough…I just know I’m in Love & so is my fiancé. I swear he can’t keep his hands out this cocoa jar. Every time I turn around he putting it on. Any who, you really created something special with this one.

  62. carolyn peguero (verified owner)

    Where has this been all my life?!
    The sample price is so affordable. The texture of the shea butter is perfect. No mess and saturates immediately. The scents are soothing. The presentation of the creams are clean and simple. All I do is win! Great product.

  63. Davita

    I absolutely love the whipped shea butter! The texture is perfect. Winter wreaks havoc on my dry skin and this is the best product I’ve found and I feel really good that it’s all natural, no chemicals. I actually haven’t found a scent I particularly enjoy. Lavender is a fave but it’s not strong enough for me. Regardless, the product is amazing and fully deserving of five stars.

  64. VegasDiva (verified owner)

    I really like these whipped moisturizers. I mainly use them on my skin instead of my hair. The Mango butter is lighter than the shea and coco but it will be good for hot summer months when you don’t want anything to heavy and greasy. Also, I must say the price is great, I have been buying a similar product from an online store that is 4 times more expensive. Even though the other retailer sells a 16oz jar which is not available here, buying two 12oz jars gives me more bang for the buck, so I will be switching retailers and only ask BGLH to consider larger jars.

  65. Kat (verified owner)

    I received my 3 pack sample today and let me tell you that I am beyond impressed. I have type 4c and nothing can penetrate mt hair until now. It is so thick and creamy. It also adds a great shine. So far the peppermint scent is my favorite. I will be buying more.

  66. Anonymous

    I ordered the sample set of 3. So far I like what I have received. It’s not too heavy but I can feel it on my skin. My issues are, it doesn’t look as pictured as this light wiped cream. Mine is more sponge like. Also, one of my sample bottles is half empty. There is a nice amount of empty space at the bottle of the bottle. I know that it’s a sample and I don’t get a lot but I could have at least received a full bottle like the other two.

  67. Emily

    I’m a white girl with dense and coarse hair. Straight up oil makes my hair greasy while the weight of solid butter weighs it down. Whipped texture is the perfect format for adding moisture and retaining bounce! I’ve used it on wet and dry hair with great results. In whipped form it defines my waves with scrunching and when melted in my hands it controls frizz as a finisher. I’m also a huge fan of the wonderful scents. No rancid or chemical odor here – just natural deliciousness. I will be a repeat full-size customer for sure!

  68. Anonymous

    As a first time buyer, the whipped shea butters are okay. I know this will work great for many other people, but I was expecting more. The scents are very good. The consistency is light and fluffy. My hair and face felt really oily the next morning. I used very little just to see how much my hair needed, I guess I will have to use even less the next time I apply the product. I have 3B fine thin soft hair. Maybe I will use the rest of the products as a overnight leave in before wash day (as I do with regular coconut oil)

  69. issa

    Didn’t take long to receive
    First time trying scented or whipped Shea butter
    Got a little sample pack to try out and I am very happy with The product
    Will be ordering more

  70. Anonymous

    I choose the lavender, grapefruit, and non scented Shea butter I gave 4stars because I don’t like the lavender it’s strong but I don’t like it love the grapefruit it’s not really strong but smells really good. Weather did not affect the product it came as described so fluffy and nice love it!!!!!

  71. Anonymous

    Ok – I have bought ALL the Shea butter flavors except the masculine scent, cedar (I purchased the bergamot if that counts). To recommend a scent really and truly depends on the person.

    I love dreamy, fruity smells, so the orange creamsicle was ideal right? I actually love the orange better – who knew!!! The Mango butter is also great on hair – well, all of them are!! You just have to test the ones you like and see. That’s what I did!! They will not go to waste because the whipped butters are like butter, and smooth sooooo well on skin. It’s fun too to try all of the sample sizes!!

    Have fun!! So happy God led me here. 🙂

  72. jeanette

    love how it just melts in your hands for easy application. not heavy but lasting, whipped so much easier to apply

  73. Sandra

    Love it

  74. Alea

    Makes your skin and hair so nice. I love the way it stays fluffy – even after shipping!! Great product and will be ordering more. Who needs commercial lotion! Negative – use this instead!!

  75. Anonymous

    Two of the samples had melted ran out of thier containers…. I guess it’s kind of on me for buying it during changing seasons… Overall it smells really nice and I got what I paid for !

  76. lyndzeeeeeee

    I got the lavender, vanilla and peppermint scents and I love all three. The lavender is truly essential oil scent lavender. Strong and aromatic but not overpowering at all. Great on my scalp. Scent only lingers for a while, not “gagging” at all. I’ll be using the vanilla on my body and peppermint also.

  77. Anonymous

    I bought the bergamot, orange creamsicle and cedarwood samples for my son. He liked the bergamot and creamsicle, no one liked the cedarwood. I personally don’t like the orange creamsicle scent. The smells aren’t strong or overpowering, so I will buy it again for him, minus the cedarwood. The quality of the shea butter however is great. I gave 4 stars because I wasn’t crazy about the scents.

  78. sherlandy

    I’m in love with the new containers and how soft and clean the samples are! The smell choices are wonderful! Love the texture of the shea butter and easy to use no mess!Can u do holiday scents? Or whipped mango butter? That smells like mango ? Mango coconut? Tropical scents?

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