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A powerful combination of raw cocoa butter and pure shea butter. Customers call this our ‘hot chocolate butter’ for its delicious smell.

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SPowered by a duo of shea and cocoa butter this lotion gives skin a deep glow while healing and repairing it. It has a delicious natural chocolate scent and just four ingredients — cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil. No preservatives, no filler, no synthetic fragrance.

What is the texture of Cocoa Shea Blended Butter?

This body butter is whipped in a commercial grade mixer for close to an hour to give it a light fluffy, texture that absorbs right into skin and hair. Because it is so soft it spreads easily, making application effortless. It absorbs easily into hair and plays well with other products, so you won’t experience flaking or build up. A little goes a very long way.

What does it do for skin?

Softens skin over time, reducing scarring and irritation. It reduces blemishes and stretch marks, and relieves eczema and psoriasis. Use it all over your body or in a more targeted way — as a foot cream to remove dry, dead skin, a hand cream to grow nails and keep hands soft or a lip balm.

Shea butter is also known to boost collagen production, plumping skin and reducing wrinkles.

Because our body butters do so much we’ve compiled a full list of 17 uses. Click here to check it out.

How do I use it in hair?

Apply to wet or damp hair. It will soften strands, define curl pattern and lock in moisture. Use it as a styling product to get definition in twists, braids, twist outs, braid outs and wash and go’s. Good for beards too!

Does Cocoa Shea Blended Butter promote hair growth?

Absolutely! It strengthens strands, leading to consistent hair growth.


Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil

Watch this video for 8 ways you can use BGLH Marketplace butters on your hair, face and skin.

1 review for Cocoa Shea Blended Butter 2.5 oz — Subscriber Gift

  1. Mary Tonningsen

    Oh, this is heavenly! The aroma is just wonderful. I ordered my butter when it was cold and we had a sudden heat wave, so it’s no longer whipped, so I put it in the fridge to solidify. It’s just as wonderful as when I ordered a butter earlier in the month before the weather changed. I love this product, and also recommend the lavender, lemon, and vanilla scents!

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