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How My Whipped Butters Have Aided in My Hair Growth

I did a second big chop in February 2014 after 8 years of being natural. I had managed to get some decent length, but my ends were very uneven and I had constant issues with my hairline.

Me and Noah, the boy genius, in 2013, a few months before my second big chop.

My big chop was a fresh start and an opportunity to just enjoy my hair again. I kept it low for a while then decided in April 2014 to give growing it out a second try.

February 2014. Second big chop!!

This time around things have been completely different. Retaining length has been incredibly easy and my scalp, hairline and ends are much healthier.

So what changed? My regimen is very similar to what it was before but having my butters on hand has made a huge difference.

Natural hair in particular (and textured hair in general) is in constant need of moisture. Like… constant. And during my first go round with my natural hair, I really didn’t have any products that locked in moisture effectively. After washing and conditioning my hair, I would add in castor oil. It was sticky, heavy and just didn’t do that great a job of sealing moisture in over several days. From time to time I would use raw shea butter, but the process of melting it down and pouring it onto my strands was messy and time consuming.

With my whipped butters, I have found a quick, light and non-greasy way to lock moisture into my hair for days. And that has made all the difference

On wash day, I shampoo and deep condition my hair. I then divide it into sections and rake BGLH Marketplace whipped butter through it. My favorite for this is the Coconut Whipped Shea Butter. It is just three ingredients — refined shea butter, unrefined coconut oil and almond oil — and it packs a serious moisturizing and sealing punch. (That is not the only butter you can use. Any of the whipped shea or whipped mango butters will work!)

After this my hair is good for 5 to 6 days. All I do in between is a light daily spritz.

Part of the reason the butters work so well is that they are absorbent. If you’ve bought them, you know they disappear into your skin. The same is true of hair. Coconut oil (which is contained in all BGLH Marketplace whipped butters) can actually penetrate and moisturize strands. So you’re getting moisture two ways — both from what has been sealed in and what is replenishing from the inside. It’s dope!

Having a reliable moisture sealant has helped my hair tremendously. It is nourished, pliable and most importantly it isn’t dry — which is a major cause of natural hair breakage and a big issue I had the first time around.

My ends, especially, have benefitted. Sometimes if they feel dry I will do a ‘spot treatment’ — wet them with water or a spritz and apply whipped shea butter. And just like that they are bouncy and healthy again.

I mainly use my butters to seal in moisture, but they also work as a styling product. If I know I’m going to do a wash and go I rake whipped butter through my hair, from root to tip. It clumps the curls and produces a nice undefined wash and go fro. (Because the products are absorbent they do not produce white flakes or residue which can cause hair to unintentionally knot and loc.)

A wash and go fro using Coconut Whipped Shea Butter. I was taking a selfie in a Target dressing room… Sometimes it be like that.

In addition to wash and go’s, the butters can be used as a general styling product. I use the butters on my children as my mother used hair grease on me — applied to the strands before braiding and combing to soften (and the butters do a waaaaay better job of this than grease did.)

But it doesn’t stop there. The butters are also a great scalp treatment (I swear these butters have, like, a million and one uses.) Shea, mango and cocoa butter are incredible for healing and reducing irritation in skin. If I want to give my scalp some love, I coat the tips of my fingers with butter and give myself a gentle scalp massage. It feels soooo good, and my scalp thanks me!

Three years after my second big chop my hair is the strongest it’s been, my scalp is healthy, my strands are retaining length and I owe it all to the buttahs 😉

How do you incorporate BGLH Marketplace whipped butters into your hair routine? Share in the comments below.



    Will the whipped cocoa butter be good for my natural hair?


    1. BGLH Marketplace

      Hi Brenda!

      Yes, many women use cocoa butter in the hair also! I personally find the shea and mango to be most effective on hair, but feel free to explore!

  2. ciara

    interested in more products

    1. BGLH Marketplace

      We are working on more products to be released this summer!

  3. Francina

    What other ways can the whipped butters be used? What is the difference in the raw and solid looking butters and what ate they best used for?

    1. BGLH Marketplace

      Hello Francina,

      In this post I laid out some uses for hair, the other big big use of these butters is skin. All three of them (shea, mango and cocoa) soften skin, provide long-lasting moisture, reduce blemishes and ease psoriasis and eczema. Basically they are a superior alternative to basic lotions. They are all gentle enough to use on babies (I started using my products on my newborn when he hit one month old). The butters are definitely an incredible multi-purpose beauty product!

      The whipped butters have almond, coconut and essential oils added in and are whipped to soften the texture. The raw shea butter is what has been extracted from the shea nut and has not been manipulated in any way. The raw butters are also great to use, as is, on skin and hair. They are just a bit more difficult to manipulate because they haven’t been softened in any way. However, many people buy the raw butters in order to make their own beauty concoctions at home.

  4. Rachel Williams

    Love it!! Just got it today, but the whipped shea is light. So perfect for hot days!!!

  5. Regina Jones

    I love your whipped shea butter, any scent…but especially the coconut and or the vanilla. I cut my hair to the ears and tappered off the sides which is really unheard of coming from a southern old school family. My grandmother was a hairdresser and had hair to her fannie as well as my mother and sister. When my grandmother saw my new cut she said it was beautiful but “an abomination for a woman to have her hair above her ears and for a man to have his below”. Real old school. Lol…she begged me to grow it back, which was her last wish of me. I know I have growing hair, but using the simplest hair regimen of wash every week with a moisturizing shampoo, deep conditioner under a heating cap for 20 min, a light hair grease applied to my scalp and last but not least, shea butter applied to my hair, my hair grew back extra healthy and fast in about 10 months. I was able to fulfill my grandmother’s wish before she passed….Thank you for this product….I love it and most of all it loves me back!

  6. Ava Kumari

    Is it really true that whipped cocoa butter is good for hairs ?

    1. Leila Noelliste Author

      Some people love it for hair and others feel it is not penetrating enough. If you are interested, try a sample size (0.9 oz) and see how your hair reacts.

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