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All I’ve Learned So Far From Having a Publicist is That I’m Awkward

Awkward, unpolished, not good with makeup, takes horrible Instagram pictures. These are some of the things I’ve learned about myself (and to be honest, some of that stuff I already knew) so far from working with a publicist. No, she didn’t say those things about me — she’s far too sweet. They’ve just become apparent from the work we’ve done together so far.

Take my very first TV interview — a short feature on the Manhattan News Network. “So what have you learned about business since you moved into your storefront?” the upbeat interviewer asked.

Apparently I was supposed to say something like, “That dreams never die. Don’t stop believing!’

Instead, after furrowing my brow, I launched into a monologue about the importance of foot traffic to a physical location, and the need to be willing to pay a higher lease cost in exchange for more visibility.

“Cut,” the director said. “That’s not the response we were looking for. You can’t say that. You’ve got to be upbeat. Like something positive.”

And I won’t even mention how incredibly awkward I was when shooting b roll, which I guess is just filler footage.

“Pretend like you’re showing customers your products.”

I awkwardly picked up a peppermint whipped shea butter.

“Show it to her, pretend like you’re talking about it.” the producer said, pointing towards the interviewer.

With an awkward smile plastered on my face, I robotically opened the product and shoved it in her face. This was the best I could do…

I am also prepping for my first official photoshoot for which, apparently, my “mom sweats” will not work.

“You have to look aspirational,” my publicist said. I think it was her sweet way of saying, “You dress like crap and cannot do that mess when you get in front of that camera.”

And apparently I know nothing about Instagram etiquette. The other day I emailed her.

“Hey. I noticed someone who produces content at a network liked me on Instagram. What should I do?”

“You should follow them back and like their pictures,” was her reply.

And that probably is self-explanatory for people who are not awkward, like me.

Anyways, here is some behind the scenes footage of my TV interview (which took place in my shop!) I will post the final footage when I get it.


  1. Paula

    Very proud!

  2. Melissa

    Good on you. You’ll be an expert soon enough.

  3. Amara

    😂Such a relatable read. Your awkwardness is appreciated, Leila!

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