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Avatar • Apr 29, 2021

So we are doing something a little unprecedented — having a deep discount sale outside of Black Friday! 😮 We typically reserve our deep discounts (30% off or more) for the holiday season. But we’re testing a limited 30% off May sale for the first 500 customers.

Enter code BLACKFRIDAYINMAY at checkout for 30% off. We’re guessing this coupon will go fast!

So, you can either stop here and get to shopping (click here for our shop page.) Or you can read on to understand why we’re doing this. Lol.

So why are we doing this? Since late 2019 we’ve done the majority of our advertising with Facebook, but those ads are expensive! We’ve temporarily suspended the majority of our Facebook ads while we ponder whether to continue. And in the meanwhile we can use some of the money we’ve saved to do a deep discount sale for our existing customer base. 😃

We just want to show some appreciation to the customers who have helped build our little company into what it is so far!

Click here to shop now.


Both the Whipped Cocoa and Cocoa Shea blew my expectations out of the water!! These products are luxurious and so moisturizing. I can feel a noticeable difference in my skin. I have also started to put this on my keratosis pilaris area (upper arm mostly) and it’s helped a lot.” — Kiran on Whipped Butters 2.5 oz Sample Pack

This stuff is unreal. It’s incredibly light and fluffy, and absorbs well into your skin. It also smells exactly like hot chocolate. I can’t wait to repurchase 🙂” — Cassie on Cocoa Shea Blended Butter

  • Whipped Butters 2.5 OZ Sample Pack — Pick 2
  • Sandalwood & Bergamot Blended Butter
  • Cocoa Shea Blended Butter
  • Whipped Cocoa Butter -- 3 oz
    Whipped Cocoa Butter
  • Whipped Butters 2.5 OZ Sample Pack — Pick 3
  • Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter
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