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• Jan 26, 2020

Yesterday we sang the praises of Lemon & Lavender Blended Butter, which has become our second best selling butter since its introduction in November. But today we are saying goodbye to a not-as-well-selling butter — Coconut Whipped Mango Butter

Why are we doing this? 

Well, many of our butters are becoming legend in the skincare space. 😂 It sounds lofty but it’s true! Our Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter shows up on the front page of Google when you search for ‘whipped shea butter’! And newer blends like Rose Blended Butter and Olive Oil Whipped Cocoa Butter are selling as fast as we can make them. 

We want our selection to shine, this means we have to cut blends that our customers have voted (with their dollars) just aren’t as desirable.

It’s always hard to say goodbye (Boyz II Men!) to one of our beloved creations. But it is time.

We will be discontinuing Coconut Whipped Mango Butter TONIGHT (Sunday, January 26) at midnight EST. It will be removed from the site and all sample packs. Use coupon code TAKEOVER (the same from yesterday!) for 15% off at checkout. Coupon expires tonight, at midnight EST.

And if you’re looking for a Coconut Mango substitute going forward, try these:

Whipped Mango Butter (same ingredients as Coconut Mango, but with unscented coconut oil instead of scented.)

Coconut Lime Whipped Mango Butter (same ingredients as Coconut Mango, but with lime essential oil added, so it smells like Key Lime Pie 🍰😛)

Mango Shea Blended Butter (same ingredients as Coconut Mango, but with shea butter added for a softer, more absorbent finish)

  • Coconut Lime Whipped Mango Butter
  • Lemon & Lavender Blended Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)
  • Mango Shea Blended Butter
  • Olive Oil Whipped Cocoa Butter (Coconut Oil Free, Almond Oil Free)
  • Rose Blended Butter (Almond Oil Free)
  • Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter
  • Whipped Mango Butter -- 8 oz
    Whipped Mango Butter
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