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Avatar • Dec 3, 2019

The secret to natural hair growth is moisture. Dry hair is brittle hair, and brittle hair breaks off. If you want your natural hair to grow, the number one thing is to ensure it’s properly moisturized. (The next thing is to make sure you are styling it gently and keeping it detangled. One of the main sources of natural hair breakage is tangling, and styles that are too tight/done too rough.)

So it’s no wonder that many customers find that our butters grow their hair out quickly and consistently.

CK left this review on our Ice Cream Blended Butter; 

I use it on my hair and skin and couldn’t be more happy! The Ice Cream Blended Butter grew my hair and I’ve used it for 3 months straight. (I bought a big jar which is now empty.)” 

And Carol credits our Lavender Whipped Shea with getting her hair from nape to shoulder length;

I have tried many different brands of moisturizers both for my skin and hair. My skin and hair are very, very dry. I use just one of your butters, the lavender blend, on both my hair and skin and by far your product is the only one that has delivered the desired results. I attribute tremendous hair growth to the use of your butters. My big chop natural hair went from nape length to below shoulder length in just two years even with regular trims. It has worked miracles for my skin.”

The bonus? Our butters don’t just help grow out hair, they soften it too!

Whitney Linz left this review on our Whipped Butters Sample Pack:

I had instant relief from my itchiness when I applied the whipped shea butter (lavender, mmmmm) to my eczema patch and no visible residue in my hair. Not only that, but the hair around that part of my scalp (where 80% of the product ended up) is now suuuuper soft. It actually made me realize how dry and itchy the rest of my scalp was and how brittle the rest of my hair was in comparison. I ended up methodically applying shea butter all over.”

Hair growth and hair softness. You can’t beat that!

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