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How to Get 25% Off Your Next Order

• Mar 13, 2018

Word of mouth has been one of the strongest drivers of growth for our business. We have so many customers who buy BGLH Marketplace butters as gifts for co-workers, family and friends, or refer new people to our storefront in Brooklyn.

This is critical for us. Our company is a baby in the ‘indie beauty’ game, and we don’t have the same kinds of marketing budgets as larger, or even mid-sized beauty companies. Every time you share your experience with our products, or purchase one for a friend, you are helping us with marketing — and we really, really appreciate it.

We’re taking word of mouth a step further by re-launching our referral program!

Here’s how it works:

1. Follow this link and enter your email.
2. You will be to sent your own custom BGLH Marketplace referral link.
3. Share the link on Facebook, Twitter, or email it directly to family and friends.
4. When your family and friends click on the link it will reveal a 20% off coupon code and an invitation to shop on BGLH Marketplace.
5. Once family and friends click on the link to shop, the referral software will track their activity, and automatically send you a 25% off coupon when they purchase.

This referral program is perfect for potential customers who have been eyeing our products but need a little extra nudge to try them or existing customers who are already telling everyone about our stuff!

Oh, and every single time someone new makes a purchase using your custom referral link you get another 25% off coupon! So you could have your BGLH Marketplace products discounted forever, lol!

Click here top get started with our referral program.

Enter coupon code TWENTYOFF for 20% off your first order.

Click here to try our whipped butters.

Click here to try our raw butters.

Raw Butters Sample Pack -- PICK 2

Click here to try our authentic African black soap.

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