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We’re Halfway There!

Last year I announced a couple things; 1. that BGLH was going completely ad free by combining the BGLH Marketplace platform with the blog platform and 2. we were taking a hiatus to complete the project.

So, we’re about halfway there. The shop and blog are combined. If you go to, you can see the shop. Plus the shop sidebar now wraps around the whole site. There are no more above the fold ads, no more in article ads, no more under article ads. That’s all done. However, the front page blog design is a little blah, so we’re working on that next.

It’s a short project — shouldn’t take longer than a couple weeks — but we’ll be away for just a little bit longer while we work it out.

Trust me, I miss blogging. But we’re almost there! Looking forward to e-chatting with you all soon.


PS — You might notice that your BGLH accounts are now invalid. That was an unfortunate side effect of the site combine. Register for a new one if you want to comment and subscribe to articles or comment threads.

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Silvy | The Blessed Queen

Hi Leila!!! Way to go with the changes so far! I already noticed few of them and can tell the difference already! 2018 is here for the best and i just wanted to also wish you a ha[[ 2018! May you achieve all that you have in mind for this year and may your business bloom!! Looking forward to see you get back into blogging as well 🙂

Much much love, Queen

4 years ago

Happy New Year Leila! Thanks for the update 🙂 Looking forward to the new setup and your brilliant blogs x Metiya

Mybarber and Stylists
4 years ago

The changes are nice! Keep up the great work.

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