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Tracee Ellis Ross’ Stunning Golden Globes Head Wrap Comes With a Bit of Controversy

I don’t watch awards shows anymore, but I do keep up with red carpets religiously. And at Sunday night’s Golden Globes, Tracee Ellis Ross was the clear red carpet winner for me. Her Marc Jacobs ensemble was absolutely gorgeous, topped by an elegant head wrap that felt like an ode to vintage black Hollywood.

I mean the shoes alone are to die for.

I was ready to go all fangirl till I spotted an article on The Revelist pointing out that Ross’ ensemble is from Marc Jacob’s Spring 2018 collection — which was heavily criticized for ‘Columbusing’ African head wraps.

Marc Jacobs has a history of, well, borrowing heavily from black culture. In 2016 his models walked the runway in faux locs. In 2015 it was bantu-knots. I guess head wraps were next.

I’m going to hope for the best and say maybe Jacobs was trying to redeem himself by putting his designs on a woman of color at one of the most viewed and anticipated media events of the year.


Either way the ensemble is gorgeous.

I really hope more black actresses rock head wraps on the red carpet (and some currently do, including Lupita Nyong’o and Teyonah Parris) because it’s a really good look.

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Kendra Huff
Kendra Huff
4 years ago

Tracey is giving me life in those pics!

4 years ago

For whatever reason, this style reminds me of what Janelle Monae when she put the gold wire in her hair. Not saying she’s imitating I think it’s the height (and the halter dress!) Love both

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