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BGLH Presents; Genius Beauty Hacks, Part 1: Healing Chapped Lips + Cheap But Luxurious Bath Soak

• Jan 18, 2018

It’s a new year, and we at BGLH want you to start it right. In this multi-part series we’re going to let you in on some of the beauty secrets that keep us glowed up without all the cost and inconvenience. Today’s hacks come courtesy of Portia.

How to Heal Extremely Chapped Lips
If Chapstick doesn’t seem to rid you of overly chapped lips, try exfoliating your lips and applying vitamin E oil to them. I once couldn’t find a cure for my chapped lips and a cousin suggested the vitamin E oil. I took it a step further and exfoliated the skin on my lips with a sugar scrub before applying the oil, for better penetration. I woke up to super soft and moisturized lips. I now do this every time my lips get severely chapped. In my opinion, this works better than any lip balm on the market. 

How to Do a Cheap but Luxurious Bath Soak
I love taking baths, but when I was a broke college student, I didn’t’ have the funds to buy expensive bath oil or bubble bath. Instead of using fancy oil to put in my bath water, I would just put whatever oil I was using for other things. Baby oil was an inexpensive favorite and raw coconut oil made my skin feel so soft. Olive oil worked well too and doesn’t leave any kind of smell after soaking. Instead of drying off, I rub the residual oil into my skin after I get out of the tub – leaving my body feeling like I just got rubbed down at the spa. Even though I have a few more coins, I still don’t buy fancy bath oil. Why fix what’s not broken? 

Yas Portia! Drop that knowledge! We have more hacks to come, but in the meanwhile, add your own in the comments. 

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