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10 Uniquely Awesome Things About 4C Natural Hair

• Jan 20, 2018

How many times have you sat and drooled over a massive, full and scrumptiously thick 4C afro? Heaven knows that I have! While discussions on 4C hair in the natural community often focus on its problems, there are many advantages to having a 4C texture. Let’s discuss why 4C natural hair rocks!

1. Shrinkage

4C shrinkage is totally insane! Who goes from a TWA to waist length natural hair in a matter of hours? 4C natural hair chicks, that’s who! And while, yes the tangling that comes with shrinkage can be a pain in the butt, it also allows for a lot of styling versatility. You can still your hair shrunken, semi-shrunken, stretched or straight.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

2. Volume

Because it is so highly textured, un-stretched 4C hair tends towards incredible volume.

3. Ready to Loc and Load

Generally, 4C hair is the ideal hair type for locs. There is no need to be stressed about unraveling.


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4. Style Longevity

The tightness of 4C curls helps to keep styles bound together and looking good on days 2, 3, 4 and beyond.

5. Less Frizz

Tight 4C curls stick closer to the scalp and tend not to frizz up as much as their looser counterparts.

6. Versatility

Your styling options are pretty much endless because your hair is so versatile, with the ability to go from tight curl to straight. Plus the tightness of the curl adds ‘stiffness’ to the hair, which lends structure.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @

Photo Credit: Instagram — @curlyboa

7. Perfect Fro

4C hair is ideal for rocking a super round, halo afro effortlessly.

8. The Twistouts are Fabulous

Twistout definition like whoa…

Photo Credit: Instagram - @editor

Photo Credit: Instagram — @editorinkinks

9. Red Carpet Ready

Grab a gown and go.

Uzo Aduba on the 2017 Emmy red carpet

10. Roller set game proper

4C roller sets be like…

4C roller set queen Nae2Curly

Are you a 4C natural girl? Tell us why your 4C natural hair rocks!

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6 years ago

#1!!!!! When I tweeze, I just stare and marvel over how a single hair can be so THICK! lol! Thick»>Not thick all day

4 years ago

LUV 4c hair!

4 years ago

I have 4B/4C hair and a LOT of frizz so I can’t really say I agree with number 4 and 5. However, the frizz blends very well with my coils so it’s all good 😀

4 years ago

Great article!! I definitely love my 4c hair and agree with the points made here!!

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