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Beauty Blogger Opens Brooklyn’s First Whipped Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butter Boutique

When veteran beauty blogger and mother Leila Noelliste discovered the amazing health and beauty properties of shea, mango and cocoa butter, she wanted to make then more widely accessible. She got the idea to do an ‘ice cream shop for the body’, employing pastry techniques to whip the butters to a fluffy, soft and absorbent texture and scent them naturally with essential oils. Colorfully packaged, the whipped butters come in more than 20 scents including grapefruit, mint chocolate, vanilla, candy and ginger.

Three years after launching online, Noelliste had outgrown her home space as orders increased year after year. With a desire to be a part of Bed Stuy’s vibrant and historic community she opened her first storefront at 358 Kosciuszko Street in September. It is Brooklyn’s first and only whipped butter boutique.

Customers love the butters’ ability to soften and deeply moisturize skin, ease eczema and psoriasis, reduce blemishes and keep lips supple. A true all-body product, many customers also use the whipped butters to soften and moisturize hair, scalp and beard.

Noelliste at her storefront in Bed Stuy

“It is surreal to think that my business, started just three years ago, has already outgrown my home and is in need of its own space. And what better place to create that space than in Bed-Stuy, one of our borough’s most historic black neighborhoods,” says Noelliste. “We have gotten so much love from our neighbors, and I’m so thrilled to be part of such a diverse, creative and vibrant part of Brooklyn.”

The BGLH Marketplace storefront is both a production center and a showroom. Butters are whipped and packaged on-site, and customers are able to test all butters in-store. Black soap bars molded into the shape of a heart are also made and packaged on-site. Sample packs and gift packaging are available for all products. Noelliste also sells premium raw shea butter, mango butter and food-grade cocoa butter wafers.

BGLH Marketplace products in-store

BGLH Marketplace tobacco & vanilla scented butter.

You can learn more about BGLH Marketplace on Facebook ( and Instagram (@bglhmarketplace), or visit Visit us at 358 Koskciuszko Street, New York 11221 to buy in-store.

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Silvy | The Blessed Queens

You go girl, I Feel so happy when i see someone achieve his/her dreams!!!!! Keep going dear! Don’t look back the best is yet to come for you in 2018!!

4 years ago

Congratulations! I’ve loved and followed this site over the years. I’m glad to see you doing great things!

4 years ago

Ah ah!!! I see you with that gorgeous make-up on 😉

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