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I Wore Lipsticks From Black-Owned Beauty Brands Every Day For 30 Days

• Nov 16, 2017

Every once in a while, I like to challenge myself on Instagram. Whether I’m trying to dupe an entire release or find a specific shade, there’s always something to research or showcase. This time, I wanted to focus mainly on the brands and shades for fall, so I wore a lipstick from a black-owned brand and took a lip swatch (almost) daily. If you’re in the market for new lipstick, check out these shades.

  1. The Facial Bar, Nubian: $16

2. Southern Beaute, Classic: $13

3. Coloured Raine, Cappuccino: $17

4. MYOB Cosmetics, Hendrixx: $17

5. Nine Three Beauty, Adrianna (Currently Unavailable)

6. Bad Gal & Co, Kalahari (Currently unavailable)

7. The Lip Bar, Playmate: $13

8. Pat McGrath Luxetrance, Beautiful Creature: $38

9. Pat Mcgrath Luxetrance, McGrath Muse: $38

10. MYOB Cosmetics, Saint: $17

11. B’ellegant Cosmetics, Nearly Naked: $12.50

12. Iman Cosmetics, Aphrodisiac: $10

13. Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics, Chocolat: $17.99

14. Mented Cosmetics, Dark Night: $16.50

15. Dope Queens Cosmetics, Queendom: $8

16. Moorrich, Melanin: $11.11

17. Infinitely Hers, Royal: $16

Okay, I’m back! Thanks everyone for the well wishes — let’s finish up 30 Days of BoB Lips! Today’s #lipoftheday #lipswatch is @infinitelyhers Royal, a deep royal blue. In some lighting it reminds me of J* Abused, but it’s brighter. It does seem to be a shade dupe for ABH Cobalt although different formulas. The formula is transfer and smudge-proof, and fairly comfortable to wear. It has a *slight* tack rather than a powdery dry down that isn’t annoying to me. For this shade I used two coats that I think was more because of the applicator rather than pigment. The applicator doesn’t pick up a ton of product which imo is better for beginners and making neat lip lines. I’m trying my best to not repeat brands during my challenge but I will be comparing these lippies to other shades! 😗😗 #dupeblack #buyblack #lip #dupeblackchallenge #bluelipstick #falllipstick #infinitelyhers #anastasiabeverlyhills

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18. Mented Cosmetics, Send Nudes: $15

19. Baseline Cosmetics, Shout Out: $12

20. HVS Beauty Fashion Week Gloss (palette): $15

21. Gold Label Cosmetics, Power Player: $20

22. Southern Beaute, Harmony: $13 (shown with Mented Cosmetics Send Nudes)

23. Nine Three Beauty, Vivian: $9

24. Nine Three Beauty, Hilary: $9

25. Mented Cosmetics, Foxy Brown: $16.50

26. Aboni Cosmetics, Lustrum: $15

27. B’ellegant Cosmetics, Chestnut: $13.95

28. Nolaskinsentials, Tiairra Gloss: $10

29. Coloured Raine, Soul: $17

30. Felacio Beauty, Menage A Muah: $15

Well, there you have it! You know, I’m extremely surprised that I’m not wearing any Beauty Bakerie lipsticks in this series since they’re one of my favorite brands. I must have thought that I had already worn one. They are also coming out with a nude set later this month! Pat McGrath is releasing liquid lipsticks (*scream*) on 11/16. Just in time for gift giving! For more swatches and shades, check out CurlyKimmyStar on IG — she did the challenge with me.

Which shade is your favorite?


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12 Comments on "I Wore Lipsticks From Black-Owned Beauty Brands Every Day For 30 Days"

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It would have been a little more helpful to see these on a brown complexion too, since this is visually the same as seeing the color against white skin like nearly all make up brands already do.

Elle Dennis

The point was more to expose people to brands they may not use or know of. When I swatched them, I provided a mini review about the formula as well. Hopefully, the brands themselves use models with different skin tones on their site and social media pages so if people are curious about the brand or shade, they can find that information on the brand site. I know that many of the brands I used make a point to show their shades on deeper complexions.


Comparing a Black woman, yes a light skin Black woman, to that of white skin is foul and offensive. The point of this was bring attention to Black owned brands…by a Black woman. The fact that wasn’t enough for you is sad.


No need to attack her like that. She didnt lie. I agree that seeing those shades on a woman so light is very similar too seeing the swatches on a white woman. Why is it foul and offensive? Just calm down… and breathe lol.

anyways I really appreciate being exposed to these brands that cather to black women. Thanks BGLH!


Siel does not have a vendetta against light skin black woman. I agree with her in terms of it would have been more beneficial seeing the lipstick colors on someone with brown to dark skin. The lady in this article is light skin and most lipstick colors look presentable on light skin. However, brown to dark skin women have a hard time with knowing which shades work best on us. Thus, it would have been more beneficial to see a lady with brown to dark skin try these risky shades.

Elle Dennis
When I started the challenge on my IG, I invited all of my followers to do it with me in hopes of being able to repost shades on different skin tones or even show the same shade on various skin tones if we all had the same lipstick, as these are from my personal collection. Unfortunately, the only person who joined in with me was Kim, who has a deeper tone than I but still fairly light-skinned. Again, most of the lipsticks should be show on a variety of skin tones on the brands’ sites so hopefully this article gave… Read more »

No offence but this is the same as seeing it on white people every dam day everydamnwhere. I was expecting to see it on darkskin as it is really really hard to find darkskin swatches. But yes it is promoting black businesses but it’s unhelpful to me.


I’m so in love with the Mented Cosmetics lippies! My mom just got some of their lipsticks too. I’m gonna grab some. I’ve been eyeing B’ellegant too. I like Koyvoca’s nude lipsticks. Thanks for this. If people are feeling some type of way like Rich Homie Quan about your skin tone, they ought to do the challenge also instead of being petty, throwing hate and negativity. Last time I checked, the theme was about wearing lipsticks specifically from BOBs smh. Keep up the good work.

Brynne Walker

Why is AJ Crimson not included?

I found the information helpful even though my complexion is darker than this. I’m brown similar to Rhianna’s. If for nothing else it helped because I thought her lips looked dry with lipsticks and I go for more of the smooth look. Also she described which ones transfer easily. It’s not just about the color on here. My mom and some of my other relatives who are all black women are this complexion and not all shades look good on them. Plus most of them are heavily freckled so affects how makeup looks on them. I have followed BGLH on… Read more »

I’m trying my best to not repeat brands during my challenge but I will be comparing these lip pies to other shades!

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