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From Flax to Pumpkin, How Seeds Can Promote Natural Hair Health

• Nov 16, 2017

If you use stylers and gels, then you’ve probably heard of flax seed. Flax seed is full of Omega‑3 essential fatty acids and other amazing nutrients and, when boiled, it creates a gel that can be used as a styler and definer. But gel is just one of the ways you can incorporate the super food into your hair regimen. The same goes for chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Take a look at the various ways you can use these in your natural hair regimen.

Chia Seeds

Like flax seeds, chia seeds create a gel when heated. They are rich in Omega‑3 fatty acids and contain 9 essential amino acids that promote stronger hair and nails including l‑lysine, which is known to promote hair growth. Vlogger Jungle Naps took the plunge and made some chia seed gel for her hair. Although the gel wasn’t thick, she loved the results after using it on her 4C curls.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin has some pretty awesome benefits besides spicing up your latte or muffin. The seeds? Even more benefits! Pumpkin seeds can be made into an oil that is really beneficial to hair and scalp. Pumpkin seed oil is full of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help retain moisture in the on the scalp, skin, and hair. High amounts of zinc and vitamin E can be found as well. Vitamin E helps wounds heal faster (dermatitis suffers take note!) and zinc helps to keep an itchy scalp calm and flakes at bay.  Check out this pumpkin seed hot oil treatment and hair mask by TwoLaLa.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seed oil isn’t just for cooking! Applying the light oil to your scalp can improve its health by preventing breakage and promoting hair growth. You can thank the protein, magnesium, and oleic acid the seeds contain. The oil also reduces frizz because of its deep moisturizing properties. This video by Conecia explains how sunflower seed oil can promote hair growth.

Flax Seeds 

Gel is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear flax seeds. Flax seed gel is really good for styling and smoothing down edges, but it also has great moisturizing properties and leaves the hair looking shiny. Flax seed oil is also an option for your hair if gel isn’t your thing. It decreases dry scalp and increase the elasticity of hair. You can thank the Omega‑3 fatty acids in the flax seeds for that. This tutorial by PrettieMajor shows how you can use flax seeds for a wash and go.

Ladies, how do you use seeds in your hair regimen? 

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4 years ago

Great article. Love flax seed gel…have to try some of others. Nature is amazing. It is possible to have great hair without all the chemicals!
4 years ago

Great Article ! Flax seeds are not only great for your hair but your overall health as well.

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