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We Have 4 New Scents! + FREE SAMPLES for Everyone!

• Oct 15, 2017

All of our new scented blended butters (that combine two butters) have been released! And as much as I love my first line of ‘single’ butters I do find the new butters to have superior absorbency and feel. (Although the whipped shea’s will always be better if you’re looking for a thick texture.)

Ginger Blended Butter. A deliciously spicy mix of shea butter and mango butter scented with ginger essential oil.

Smoked Tobacco and Vanilla. A smoky-sweet mixture of tobacco absolute (don’t worry, there’s no nicotene in the extract!) and vanilla, with just a touch of chamomile, over a mango butter and shea butter base. This has been selling out like crazy in our Brooklyn store.

Vanilla Latte. I swear this smells exactly like a latte! It’s absolutely delicious! The robust warmth of coffee essential oil paired with the light sweetness of vanilla over a mango butter and shea butter base. This is definitely for the coffee lovers out there!

Mocha Latte. I was looking for another fun way to use coffee essential oil and this was it! A blend of whipped cocoa butter (for the chocolate scent) and coffee scented whipped shea butter that makes for a deep delicious scent.

Check out all of our new butter scents HERE.
All of our new scents have now been added to our sample packs here.


FREE SAMPLES FOR EVERYONE! We are now offering samples for FREE! Just go to our free sample listing, select the one you want, add it to your cart and check out! This is a great way to get a sample for a family member or friend, or try out a scent you’re curious about. CHECK IT OUT NOW.
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4 years ago

Thank you so much„„

4 years ago

Hi, the links to the samples are down. I wanted to get one with my order. Are they still available?

norman baldwin
4 years ago
Reply to  TL

Hi TL. Thanks for your interest in our brand! Unfortunately we discontinued that promotion recently in anticipation of our Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals.

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