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Triangle Box Braids are a Trend You Need to Try

Avatar • Oct 30, 2017

Just when we thought individual braids couldn’t get any better, someone started experimenting with triangle parts, as opposed to the traditional square or box. The trend was really hot over the summer and doesn’t seem to be cooling off any time soon. Here are 5 ways you can try triangle braids at home.
Traditional Triangle Braids

This simple tutorial by vlogger Braids by Chinia is fool proof. She starts off by greasing the scalp and sectioning off the hair into triangle parts, rubber banding each section along the way. Next, she adds kanekalon hair and braids it into the natural hair. The rubber band stays in place to ensure a good grip and the ends of the hair are dipped in hot water. The end result is a head full of beautiful triangle braids, and you can’t even tell that rubber bands were used.

Jumbo Triangle Braids on Short Natural Hair

The tutorial done by BeautyWithTy has the same concept as the one above, but the parts are much larger and her natural hair is much shorter than the previous model’s. She begins the tutorial by parting her hair in triangles, rubber banding, and applying edge tamer along the way. If your hair is longer you may not need to use rubber bands, but she used them to make sure her hair is secure. 4 packs of Expression hair were used to create this look and it took a total of 4 hours. Hair was styled into a cute half up, half down look that revealed precise triangle parts in the back.

Triangle Braided Puff

Here is a different twist on the triangle braids by vlogger Jarry The Worst. Instead of keeping the hair braided all the way to the ends, she created a puff. She starts off by parting her hair and rubber banding. She then adds kanekalon braiding hair into her hair, then puts a knot where her real hair stops and perm rods the ends of the kanekalon hair. After dipping the ends in hot water and revealing the curl, she puts all of her hair up into a high pony puff. Simple and cute!

Spider Web Triangle Braids

This tutorial by BeautyCanBraid is a little more complicated than the others, but not impossible. In addition to creating triangle parts Beautycanbraid sections off small areas of hair that are cornrowed alongside the triangle parts. Those small sections create a really creative geometric pattern. If you are a skilled braider, this is definitely a look to try.

Super Jumbo Triangle Braids


The parts in this tutorial are much larger than the other tutorials. The hair is rubber banded at the root and white and black kanekalon hair is braided into each section. What’s great about this look is that Adanna’s hair is short, yet she is still able to rock the jumbo braid look. The end result is a head full of super jumbo braids. This look is so fun and definitely on trend.

Which triangle braid look would you try?

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AG Lea

We were doing triangle braids in the 90s! Lol! I’m glad they have come up with a couple of newer styles(at least styles not in my and other surrounding neighborhood). The puff is on the style to do list! I’m glad so many trends from the trendiest decade are back! I’m old enough to actually participate now! ??


Nothing new about triangle braids we’ve been wearing this style in the Caribbean for decades.


love this style and all braid styles!! wish my scalp wasn’t so sensitive to the hair:( I break out in white heads everytime


Wow, they are beautiful. I like the 1st and second ones the


I came across pictures of triangle braids on instagram about a month ago. Luckily I have a daughter that’s very skilled in both hair and makeup and always keeps her mother look beautiful! Triangle braids also look great in a high bun. But a word of caution, they can feel a bit heavy if you make then very thick.

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