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Introducing Our New Blended Butters (Two Butters Combined) in 3 New Scents!

• Oct 4, 2017

Whipped shea butter is great, sure! But what would happen if you combined shea with mango, or cocoa with shea. Well now we know!

After a summer of testing and tweaking we are ready to release our line of BLENDED BUTTERS. We’ve already released them in our Brooklyn storefront and cannot keep them on the shelves. Customers say they are lighter, fluffier and more absorbent than our non-blended butters and we agree!

Right now we have two butter blends: mango and shea, and cocoa and shea, with a mango cocoa blend coming later this year.

Our basic Mango Shea Blended Butter has been described as pillowy in texture and is scented with coconut.


And we used an unscented mango/shea butter blend as a base for two delicious new scents: Sandalwood and Bergamot and another we call ‘Candy’ — a sweet chamomile and lemongrass mix that is as delicious as it sounds.


We introduced the Sandalwood and Bergamot because our male fans were asking for more dark and musky scents, but women have been buying S&B as much as men!


On the other side we have our cocoa and shea blends. The basicCocoa Shea Blended Butter has the signature chocolate scent of our premium cocoa butter, but a silkier finish due to the addition of refined shea.


And we used the cocoa/shea butter blend as a base for a new scent we call ‘Ice Cream’.


It is a classic chocolate-vanilla combo (whipped cocoa butter and vanilla whipped shea butter) and the smell is intoxicating. The first thing I thought after whipping it was, ‘This smells exactly like ice cream!’

There are 6 more butters in our blended butter series that we will be releasing through the Fall and Winter so stay tuned. And after that? Let’s just say we’ll be leaving the land of whipped butter to explore new products, so *definitely* stay tuned. 😉

Blended butters haven’t yet been added to sample pack options, and must be purchased directly from their individual listings. You can get to them by clicking the links and photos above, or see all of them by clicking here.



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