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How I Fit Natural Hair Care Into My Crazy Life as a Working Professional, New Mom and Grad Student Completing Her Dissertation

• Oct 5, 2017

When I first went natural, I had all the time in the world. I was unmarried and had no children. I was finished with school. I worked a “9 to 5” job, which meant my weekday evenings and weekends were typically free. Thus, spending a full day or two – or three – on my hair was very realistic and doable. I could experiment – literally – with mini twists today then change my mind and try a completely different style tomorrow.

Me, my niece, and my hair.

Fast forward to today, and every minute – no, every second – counts. I work in a challenging, fast-paced career (that I love). I am also a mom to a newborn who depends on my husband and me – but mostly me – to eat, sleep, and overall, to live. Additionally, I’m completing my dissertation so that I don’t stay in the A.B.D. (code for, “all but dissertation”) category any longer. That all being said: “What time for hair?”

Somehow, someway I manage to keep my natural hair from looking a natural mess and suffering from little care. Moreover, believe it or not, it requires little effort from me on a daily basis. At the bare minimum, I spend less than an hour on my hair once every three to four weeks. But this juggling of natural hair care and life did not happen overnight. It has been a few years in the making.

1: Wash every 3 to 4 weeks – with no shampoo and no deep conditioner though?

If I could get away with never washing my hair, I would, but it has got to get done. So I merge my washing and conditioning into one session to save on time. In the past, I have tried co-washing but that just results in residue buildup and leaves my scalp itchy over time. I have also tried shampoos that contain conditioners but they leave my hair drier than I’d like. So, what has worked for me has been a moisturizing but cleansing product like As I Am Cleansing Pudding. (Read my honest, unsponsored thoughts on As I Am Cleansing Pudding.) All in all, the washing process takes under an hour and there is no need to follow up with a deep conditioner. This partially has to do with the product and partially with how I maintain my hair throughout the month.

2: Twist my hair into 8 sections and 2 flat twists, then call it a style

Enough said? Once my hair has been washed, I allow it to airdry up to 70% dry in a few twists under a scarf. Then I moisturize and seal my hair with Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter and a homemade whipped butter, respectively. This is followed by styling my hair into eight jumbo twists (sometimes, less) with two flat twists in the front and wrapping it in a scarf for the day. From that moment until my next wash day, I wear the twists pinned up with Ficcare clips I bought years ago. (I don’t sleep with my hair pinned. I pin it up every morning in under a minute. Every night, I wrap a scarf around my twists to minimize frizz and dryness. Once a week, I re-touch the two flat twists in the front.)

Sleepy mom. My hair usually isn’t flat ironed for the hairstyle. However, I needed to give y’all a visual so I worked with what I had.

3: Switch it up every couple of months – got to keep it fresh

Every now and then, I need to switch up my hair style (temporarily) for my own sanity. However, even my switchups are kept low maintenance. One alternative I like to do is a twist out bang. The style will start with smaller twists in the front that are worn for a week or two followed by a week of twist outs in the front.

Another style I like to do, though not too often because of time, is flat-ironed double buns. The time-consuming part is the blow drying and flat ironing. However, once that is done, I just maintain the style by wrapping my hair nightly until the next wash day. I have literally taken off the wrap and gone into work without having to comb my hair.





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I love this post! Something that has helped me in my hair journey is adding in clip-ins. I get to rock my natural hair while still getting the volume & length that I want.


Excellent article! I am glad you have a routine and style that works for you! Get that degree!

Amy L.

This is great. We need to integrate our hair care with our everyday lives if we are to have a successful and long natural hair journey. I have gone almost a full year just twisting, washing and re-twisting my hair. It’s easy, it’s effective and my 4c hair is loving it. I even comb it before re-twisting (whilest it is wet/damp).

Giselle Stewart

Awesome post. Nowadays it has become difficult to maintain the hair because of busy lifestyle. But the tricks you provided are really helpful.I liked your idea of switching up the hairstyle.

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