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Calorie Counting Apps are the Truth. Calorie Counting Apps are the Devil.

• Oct 6, 2017

I’ve written before about how I’m not an IG perfect snapback mom. My journey back to my pre-pregnancy has been treacherous and filled with stretch pants.

I’m on somewhat of a final stretch. My pre-pregnancy range was 128 to 133 pounds, and I’m at 148. (Okay, fine, maybe 15 to 20 pounds is not a final stretch but GODDAMMIT LET ME HAVE THIS!) When I got to this point in the process, it’s time to bust out the calorie counting apps.

I love calorie counting apps for their effectiveness. There is no gimmick or hook. It’s basic math. You punch in your weight and it calculates how many calories you can consume in a day to lose a certain amount of weight a week (save variations due to health issues, menstruation, etc.) You can chose an aggressive, medium or simple plan depending on how many pounds you are hoping to shed in a week. It has an incredible database of foods that not only provide the calorie count but nutrition profile. So you can see how much protein, carb, and fat you’re eating. If you work out it adds the calories you burned to the daily total you’re allowed to consume. This is how I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight after both of my previous pregnancies. And it sounds easy, right?

WRONG! Because if you are a mom of three littles odds are you’re a grazer. And how the hell do you punch in, “I ate the last few bites of my son’s oatmeal, and I pinched a piece off that turkey burger I served to my daughter last night.’ The crumbs of granola, the spoons of yogurt, the slices of carrots, the GOLDFISH! The food that almost mindlessly goes into my mouth constantly throughout the day. And I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh Leila just don’t enter that in.’ But I HAVE TO because I graze so much that it adds up to a whole new meal! I drove myself to madness trying to figure out how many ounces of Gogurt I mindlessly sucked on after picking a half eaten one off the couch. No one should have to live like this.

I’ve realized that if I’m going to get out of this alive I have to set clear meal times so I don’t graze too much. I’ve also been portioning my kids’ food out more judiciously so there aren’t as many leftovers.

I’m a fan of Livestrong’s MyPlate app, and I’ve already lost a pound since I started c. counting a few days ago. But I am really waiting for the day when I can be DONE with this treachery.

Have you tried a calorie counting app? What was your experience?

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4 years ago

I swear Somebody Up There is looking out for me…I JUST started using one these apps (MyNetDiary) this past weekend. This is the first time I’ve ever used a food diary and the first time I’ve ever counted calories. Combined with an online recipe calorie calculator to help me guesstimate how many calories are in the dishes I cook, in four short days I’ve gained a LOT of insight into how I got to this place (heavier than I’ve been in my LIFE) and how I can get to a healthier weight (fewer carbs, move my butt). This app is… Read more »

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve had mixed results with calorie counting apps. I will try the MyPlate app. Hopefully, that will be easier!

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