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10 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Black Women — 2017 Edition

• Oct 26, 2017

We weren’t going to leave you hanging this year with Halloween just days away. Also, be sure to check out our previous 2015 and 2016 editions for even more options.

1: Nubia – Wonder Woman

Though many people know about Diana, few people know about her black twin sister Nubia. Yes, indeed. Nubia was a black “Wonder Woman of Amazonia” and appeared in the DC comics. Check out HairofGlee’s amazing tutorial on how to transform into this superheroine for Halloween.

2: Grace Jones

Got a tapered afro? Then why not go as the iconic supermodel, singer, and actress — Grace Jones. Grab your black eyeshadow and eyeliner. Nia Hope shows you how to effortlessly become this black queen.

3: Pop Art Costume

This Halloween costume idea never gets old. The main ingredients that you will need are a black gel eyeliner and a really bold white eyeliner. (Jessica uses a Sephora matte crayon in white for this look.) By the way, this pop art tutorial is one of the BEST that I have seen for brown skin!

4: Ramonda from Black Panther Movie

Ramonda was Queen of Wakanda, stepmother to T’Challa, and wife to King T’Chaka. If you are feeling crafty this Halloween, try out Nia’s creative tutorial on how to achieve this regal transformation. She even demonstrates how to create the headpiece. Yaasss to more black superheroines!

5: Betty Boop

How about a brown Betty Boop for Halloween!

FUN FACT: Did you know that Betty Boop was partially inspired by a black woman — cabaret artist Baby Esther (also known as Esther Jones)? Yes, that’s right. In 1934, white actress Helen Kane files a lawsuit claiming that cartoonist Max Fleischer copied Betty Boop from her own image. During the court trial, Fleischer’s defense presents film footage of Baby Esther and her signature “boop-boop-a-doop.” Long story short, Kane lost the case. (Source: Uptown Conversation: The New Jazz Studies by Robert O’Meally, Brent Hayes Edwards, Farah Jasmine Griffin.)

6: Cardi B in Bodak Yellow

If you don’t already know, rapper and former Love and Hip Hop star Cardi B is “the hottest in the street”. Her rap song, Bodak Yellow, skyrocketed to the top of the charts and is all over the radio. Want to be her for Halloween? Then check out Shameless Maya’s tutorial straight from the Bodak Yellow music video.

7: Shady Ladybug

Now this costume is super easy and inexpensive yet super cute for Halloween. You can even use your natural curls, coils, or kinks to play up the look. All the ladybug accessories “were purchased at Walmart for less than $8!”

8: Bratz Doll — Sasha and Yasmine

Move over, Barbie! Go as a Bratz Doll for Halloween! Following are two tutorials for two different dolls. First up is Jocelyn, who demonstrates how to transform into doll Sasha. After that, is Alissa showing how she becomes Yasmine.

9: The Writings

Now we enter the spooky realm. This scary look is cheaper and easier to create than you think. Natasha uses makeup from her stash and Pint of Blood from Walmart, which sets off the whole look.

10: Pennywise from It

Finally, there is the creepy Pennywise from the movie It. You can use your own natural hair for this costume rather than buying a clown wig. Just purchase temporary spray-on color and follow this makeup tutorial for the transformation.















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4 years ago

These are really awesome!!!

Now if I wasn’t so lazy.……

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