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Janet Hubert Posts Incredible Natural Hair Photo in Honor of Her Late Stylist

• Feb 13, 2017

via Facebook

Janet Hubert, also known as my auntie in my head, is always dropping knowledge on Facebook about politics and her career. But this time, she shared another type of post, honoring her late stylist Derrick Scurry, and she looks absolutely fabulous.

Hair by the late Derrick Scurry, this was our last photo shoot. I miss him terribly. My naturalista sisters know I am a Qhemet Biologics junkie. Only product that always makes this bush look good. I get so much shrinkage. Now I am thinking about locs when I finally retire. I wish more women on television would rock their natural hair, especially on these morning shows.

Now, this may seem like a small or insignificant request, but unfortunately there is still a strong bias in the workplace regarding black women and natural hair, and this is amplified when the woman is in the spotlight. Just this week, NPR printed a story about “new” evidence showing bias against natural hair, as if we didn’t already  know.

Kudos to Hubert for continuing to speak out and be vocal on her own terms.


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4 years ago

Excellent and of course there is a bias against black women and natural hair in the work place and auch. She looks beautiful! Keep at it!

4 years ago

I see “Black Girl With Long Hair”! This makes me believe there may be discussions, photos, news, etc, for or about Black people. I was intrigued, I knew most content would be about and for Black women. Understanding this, I opened my inbox for notifications. I knew there would be information specifically geared to some of my interests.

Before I learned to swim, I didn’t dive into the deep end.

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