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Clapback Chronicles: Joy Reid vs A Man Complaining About the (Mythical) Welfare Queen

• Feb 21, 2017

The scene: Journalist and AM Joy host Joy Reid on Twitter, challenging the notion that the American poor are lazy.

And who among the poor are idle? They stand on their feet all day, picking your food, cleaning our hotels, shoveling our crap. Get real.”

Enter a man. Judging by the look of his Twitter feed he is a diehard Trump supporter. It is not the noble poor who are the issue, he insists, just the welfare-queeny ones.

@JoyAnnReid I have no problem with those poor it’s the ones that have 5 kids from different dads and Welch off govt

The clapback: A reminder that our current president is, perhaps, the biggest welfare queen of all…

Your president has kids from three different moms, took five bankruptcies and hasn’t paid taxes in approximately 19 years. Thoughts?

Game point: Reid
Savage Level: One Thousand

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4 years ago

trump supporters are the worst!!!!! that clapback was hella strong. good for her.

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