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[Pics] “I Just Want People to See the Real Me” Eva Marcille Stuns in Rolling Out Magazine

• Jan 16, 2017

Eva Marcille has grown a lot. She shot into public view 13 years ago as winner of cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model, an LA woman with a stunning look and a tough attitude to match. Now she is a mother, entrepreneur and “pro-black liberator” who says she has removed the word “bitch” from her vocabulary. She sat with Rolling Out Magazine to discuss the change and posed for a photo shoot in which she asked to be portrayed as naturally as possible, stating “I just want people to see the real me.”

Starting in this business on America’s Next Top Model, the world has kind of seen my evolution. You saw me as a teenager trying to jump into adulthood to start modeling and create my empire. You saw the rough and rugged Eva. That’s who everyone was introduced to. Now, 13 years later, you see the evolved Eva. The mother. The entrepreneur. The life-lover. The pro-Black liberator. The happy person.”

Rolling Out Magazine

And it’s so cool to be in this space. I can remember where I was. Not just physically, but where I was emotionally as a person. And I think it’s indicative of the journey that we take in life as a people. Who I was 10 years ago and who I am today are completely different people. Not my foundation, because my foundation will always be the same. I am a Black woman who loves who I am and loves my roots. But more so the understanding of life that happens through experience and time. Becoming a mother and being an entrepreneur. The entertainment industry creates either a monster or it creates beauty. And what it has instilled in me is this drive. It coincides with this “American Dream,” that you truly can be who you want to be. And so I live my life with no limitations, no regrets, no ideas with who I’m supposed to be, but truly living in who I am.”

Rolling Out Magazine

It takes a lot of soul searching. A lot of it has to do with my spiritual walk and my journey, growing closer to God, and understanding my true purpose on this Earth. All that I physically am is not me; it literally is just a capsule for my soul. And my soul is so great; that’s why the outward looks the way it does. So understanding that my true leftovers in life are not about what I did, but how I impacted the people by what I did. I think it had a lot to do with my daughter … having a young Black girl, who is going to be in this crazy world. Trying to figure out not to just instill in her, because you can tell somebody anything, but your walk, your life, the way in which you move is truly the lesson. So, I try to lead by example. I try to be the woman that I want her to be. For example, my favorite curse word was b—-: “B—- this, b—- that.” Now it’s “girlfriend,” because I don’t want my daughter saying those words. It’s the little things that you see in life that help to create the woman that you are, and that’s where I am.”

Rolling Out Magazine

Go to Rolling Out Magazine for the full interview and photo shoot.

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5 years ago

Beautiful! #selflove

5 years ago

Still remember her season of ANTM like it was yesterday #flawless

5 years ago

This lady is seriously stunning! Gorgeous skin. Heck her features are mesmerizing. She is right that she was a bit rough on ANTM, but she was very young. Glad she has matured. Her little girl is so adorable, a spitting image of her father.

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