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6 Black Moms Who are Documenting Their Remarkable Pregnancy and Post-Baby Fitness Journeys on Instagram

• Jan 4, 2017

Extreme “snapback” photos may be all the rage on social media, but one group of women is showing the real-life hard work that goes into post-baby bodies. These fitness moms are your everyday mothers who are documenting their individual pregnancy and post-baby health journeys on Instagram. From nutritious food choices to exercising, these moms are showing that holistic health during (or even before) pregnancy is where it all begins.
1. Chelseapb
She’s a mommy of two who has put her time in the gym before, during, and after pregnancy.

2 babies…4 months postpartum and 100% happy with my physique. I workout consistently, eat a balanced diet without restricting myself and I have no concern with the numbers on the scale. My goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle without feeling like I am bound by restrictions.

2. Fit_supermommy_esq
She is a mother of three who is all about the healthy lifestyle.

It’s so important to try to maintain a fit and healthy pregnancy. Not just for you, but for your baby .Don’t fall too hard for the “eating for two”? . Emphasis on “too hard”, trust me, I had days when I indulged in the tub of ice cream ‚or craved a bakers dozen donuts. But, I was still mindful to keep a consistent healthy pregnancy. During all my pregnancies I stayed fit by keeping up with good protein( salmon, chicken,) lots of vegetables for good vitamins , lots of water( gotta stay hydrated).

3. Fitfoodiele
Two boys and a girl later, and she is still working out.

the grind… pays back?! snapping back is a pretty amazing benefit but it has always been the extra icing on the cake to me after 3 pregnancies. exercising while preggo kept my body FEELING strong, energetic, and capable of managing all the curve balls pregnancy can throw while growing another human being. that is so much more important to me than just looking the part.

4. Momwearsheels
Two babies and a fitness competition to go with her lifestyle.

I’m tired of hearing negative people say “your body is never going to be the same!” to women wanting children. And they’re right– with discipline, consistency and the right plan you will look and feel even MORE amazing after kids! ?.

5. MrsBfit
She is a mom of one plus another on the way.

I took my time and decided to research eating clean and focusing on making this a lifestyle NOT a diet. It took me about a year to lose over 70 pounds, got pregnant and gained 40 and lost it again. Take time and focus on lifestyle changes not dieting.
6. Msboston
This mommy is all about being active!

Inspiring fit moms!

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6 Comments on "6 Black Moms Who are Documenting Their Remarkable Pregnancy and Post-Baby Fitness Journeys on Instagram"

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Wow! They all look great! I need to step it up.


These women are amazing and inspiring. What I find interesting is that it appears that most, if not all of these women are not raising their children alone. I do think having a supportive partner can go miles towards a woman having the time and energy for self-care.

Smarty Pants

Gotta pick a good man before having kids, I think that’s the lesson right up there with getting abs


Agreed. Two are clearly better than one!

Marvellous Marv

These women just made me say get off your lazy derrière and do something! Very inspiring

The Real

Yeah, they look great and inspiring but, I don’t see nearly enough wedding rings. Get rings ladies. Be smart. Protect your kids and your interests. Get wedding bands before you make babies.

Snap back isn’t going to provide for you should your man die unexpectedly. Policies don’t recognise “baby mama” status.

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